Gracey has couple of issues to deal with at the moment. This is Emily, Buggy's sister posting. Bugs just called me and said that about 15 minutes after she was snuggling with Toph, they came to take her temperature and it was really high. Plus she's been throwing up, she's very irritable and her white cell count is down, which usually indicates a virus. They gave her some Ibuprofen to bring her fever down, but it's still going up. There's some worry that she may have been exposed to Fifth's Disease over the weekend and her symptoms seem to be in line with that, but again, that's just speculation at this point. We're confident that she'll be fine, but right now she's super grumpy and irritable and her fever really needs to come down so she just needs some prayers to help her calm down and maybe sleep and some prayers for her mommy and daddy that are worried like always. I'm sure Bugs will update again as soon as the fever starts coming down or we know what kind of a virus we're dealing with. Thanks everybody for the prayers and support!


princess jen said...

Holy cow that happened fast! I just talked to you a few minutes ago. I'm sorry buglet.
lots of love going your way.

aj said...

Oh goodness . . . holding breath. Okay, thanks for updating us. If this is totally unrelated to her biopsy, then I suppose it's a good thing she's already in the hospital where she can get the most immediate, best care.

I hope everything is resolved very, very soon and that Gracey is her sassy self as quickly as possible.

We are all praying. Love you guys!

Christina said...

Thinking of you guys and hoping your little princess is feeling better soon. Praying and hoping for good biopsy results.

Hugs & Prayers,
Jacob's Momma