This is going to be a really quick post.  

Because I am tired.
And so is Topher, and Gracelyn.
So...her fever spiked at 40 degrees celsius.  REALLY REALLY HIGH.
and Tylenol did not make it come down at ALL.
So, the Doctors broke the cardinal "no ibuprofen" rule and after that her fever came down to about 38.1 over an hour and a half period.
They did do some tests to check for a.) Fifths Disease b.)R.S.V. c.)Influenza, and any other related diseases/viruses, but we won't get the results back until tonight at the earliest or possibly tomorrow morning.
We also will not get the Biopsy results back until tonight.
So, for now, we are home, with a sleepy, cuddly and somewhat irritable Grace, but so grateful to be home, and grateful for our spunky girl.  
Thank you so much for all your prayers.
Love the Andersens


Mythreesons said...

Glad you're home! FYI--40 degrees celsius is 104 F! That's so high! But Caden always gets really high fevers... hope you get good results tonight. Love you guys!

aj said...

Oh good . . . I hope. I'm glad you are all home, and we'll keep praying.

:) kisses

Sara and Company said...

How sad....I truly hope she gets feeling better soon. thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

your comment...
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