Miracle of Miracles!!!!

with tears of joy running down my face, i am writing this quick blog.

I have not been so ecstatic since our own sweet Grace received her heart.
She has only been listed for an incredible three days!!!
if this is not considered a miracle, than i'm sure the term would not even exist.
I am so happy for this amazingly sweet family.
My heart also goes out to the selfless family who has donated this amazing gift, to not only Grace, but also to all those whose lives Gracie has, and, will now continue, to touch.
Please pray for both of these amazing families.  
For the surgery to go well, and for Gracie to take her new heart beautifully.
And for the sweet family that is no doubt feeling and immense loss right now, that they will find comfort.
Pray pray, and pray some more!!!
Thank you so much!
Love you all!!
The andersens
p.s. and thank you amy for the text!!


aj said...

I am so stunned! Before I shouted for joy, I let out a whopping WHAT?! It truly is amazing! Three days?! God must have surely known that her little heart had very few beats left. I am in AWE.

I'm so very happy that Gracie, who has been on this same journey for so long (the same birth week!) with our Gracey gets the opportunity to have the same miracle in her life. What a loving Heavenly Father we have :)

princess jen said...

Yay!! Thanks for letting me know!

Super Daysh said...

Yay for little Gracie! That is such great news!