Sometimes I am grumpy and stressed because I feel that my life is so far from ideal. I feel pessimistic and worn out with our situation, and especially disappointed for my daughter's life. I want her to be healthy, and normal like all the other babies in my family. I cry, and complain, and feel miserable far too often. Then, I read a few blogs belonging to other 'heart' babies, and immediately feel ashamed.
This seems to be a frequent thing with me, and I feel very embarassed to admit it. However, it is the truth, so what can you do?
Compared to so so so many other 'heart' babies, we have it easy. So, overwhelmingly easy.
Grace's life has not been like a normal, healthy baby's, HOWEVER, for a 'heart' baby, she has had a miraculously smooth ride. She never really looked sick, or 'blue'. She always ate relatively well, slept relatively well, never had to have sporadic runs to the hospital. Her need for Hospital care was definitely the bare minimum. Looking at so many other people's blogs though, I now realize just how blessed we were, and still are.
Heavenly Father must have known where my limits were, and he never pushed me past them.
Grace's Biopsy is tomorrow, and so yes, I would love if you could keep her in your prayers.
But, there are some people that need your prayers so much more than us.
Gracie Gledhill, another HLHS baby, has had a tough tough road. Any of you that have read her blog (it is listed to the right btw), know how hard their journey has been thus far, and yet, it is only getting harder. They have just been told that Gracie is no longer a candidate for the 3 stage surgeries, (she was to have her Glenn this weekend). She is now being considered for a Heart Transplant. How overwhelming this must be for their family. They are still in the midst of getting it cleared with their Insurance company and getting all of her tests done.
But please, please pray for them. Although a Transplant is the definition of 'bittersweet', it is the most amazing blessing and would be so wonderful for them. If anyone can deserve a heart transplant, it is this little girl.
Also, little Gracie Gourley is having a hard time as well, recovering from her procedure, and eating. Please pray for her.
Bela Benson is having the same issues as Grace with eating and also could use some extra prayers.
But, the more I think about people who need prayers and support, the more I am overwhelmed with just how many heart families that are out there, all in need of prayers and support.
Please for for these families that are all in their trying situations.
Thank you for the prayers that I know will be offered in our little Grace's behalf this weekend.
We feel confident that everything will go well. Grace has been such a fighter this far, we know she's not giving up any time soon. She will most likely do very well, and we won't even have to spend the night, the same can not be said for so many others.
We'll post to let everyone know how it went.
Thank you again
much love
the Andersens


aj said...

I'm glad you mixed in some super cute pics of Grace in this post - she always makes me smile, even amid my tears and worries for her and these other sweet babies.

It's truly amazing to think that it has nearly been a full year since a great majority of us started following not only Gracey's blog, but Gracie Gledhill's as well. My heart aches for that family - having finally gotten her to the stage where they thought she was strong enough for the Glenn, to now be told it's still too risky.

Gah. I felt like I'd been socked in the gut when I read that, and I don't even know the cute little thing. But that's how close I feel to so many of these heart babies. I have a sincere love for them and their families, and I want so much for them to expereince the miracles that Gracey has.

And of course, I am still constantly praying for continued miracles for Gracey. She is our little hero, no? So strong, that's for sure. And her parents are no less amazing :)

I love and admire you all so much!!

Kaidence's Mommy said...

We will be praying for you and sending good vibes your way.

Alan J said...

Good luck tomorrow! And thanks for stopping by, the kids really enjoyed your Valentines and seeing you.

The G Fam said...

I feel I am fair in saying that a heart transplant is FAR from being easy. Thank-you for your prayers for sweet Gracie(s). I know it means so much to our family. We are hoping both little Gracies start doing well, and they can figure out what is best for both of them! You guys are awesome and you are always in our prayers!
Heart hugs,

Rachel's Mommy said...

I think you and Topher handle all of your responsibilities in an AMAZING way. That's why it's so weird to see you in a bad mood (like at our house). It simply never happens. It probably should happen more often, given what you have to deal with. Let's just say Grace is extremely blessed to have you both as parents, and your families are incredibly proud of you both.