Another Heart Miracle!

Sweet little Daxton Cook is in surgery as I type this, receiving his precious gift of a new heart!! His parents were called around 2:30 this morning, and went through the great, long wait from 3a.m. to 2:00, when they finally wheeled him back into O.R.
Please pray so hard for this sweet little boy and his wonderful family that the procedure will go well and he will come out healthy and strong.
And please, pleae pray for the sweet family that has given him this gift. It is so strange that a loss for one family, can be such a tremendous gain for another. Truly a bittersweet miracle.
Please pray!
Thank you!
I have a link to his page down in my heart links- Its the DaxtonCookPage. But you do have to have a carepage name to check it out..

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aj said...

YAY for Daxton!! I'll go to his page right now.

I love to hear this kind of good news - indeed a miracle!