Highlights of Christmas

Our front room on Christmas morning was beautiful. Topher almost peed his pants when he saw his new mountain board. And I had to laugh when I saw all of the interestingly wrapped presents. He calls it creative stitch wrapping...(meaning he used four pieces of wrapping paper to wrap one present).

Our Stockings were both jam packed full...his was because he had a lot of socks...those take up lots of space. :) Mine was because there were over 20 acrylic stamps...and he wrapped each individual one!

This was our front room after everything was opened. I got an awesome new scrapbook tote...and Topher left his mountain board in the middle of the room so he could jump on it every time he walked by.

I of course went to work filling my new scrapbook supply holder. It was so much fun to de-junk my crummy back pack and put it all into little compartments and pockets!

Next came Christmas with Dad. We went to his house around 6 p.m. and Christmas day and opened presents with them. It was a lot of fun of course and Rachel was adorable as usual.

Here's topher getting his practice with little girls. He's going to be such an adorable daddy.

In case you can't tell, that's Dacia tearing up when she opens the present from me. Yeah, I know how to push her emotional buttons.

And yes ladies and gentlemen, this is Rachel's new smile. "How you doin' foo?"

The day after Christmas we also had presents and such with Mum and Sam down in Orem. This was also a ton of fun and it was so wonderful to see Mom, but alas, Topher was too busy experimenting with our new camera...and so none of the pictures really turned out all that great. There is one of Mom where she looks completely tipsy and is doing 'raise the roof' motions...I'll have to post that one some other time when Mom is least expecting a humiliating photo...hehe.

So after our fun Christmas with Mum and Sam, Dac & I and our spouses headed down to Vegas for Christmas fun with E and her boys.

Topher is of course the best uncle ever, please don't be alarmed by his creepy humongous smile...it just so happens he is always happy...to an extreme level. Jaxon was in no way harmed by him in this photo...

The boys of course got rottenly spoiled and made a disaster of Emily's front room. But it was so much fun to seem them get so excited and play with all their new toys...the fun of course disappeared when they began fighting over EVERYTHING.

Topher's favorite thing to take pictures of since we got the camera has definitely been Caden. He took over 50 pictures just of Caden. Of course half of them are bad lighting or a silly face...but here are some of the ones I couldn't resist. Isn't he adorable?!!! I have the cutest nephews ever. (Alan and Jen, you may want to hide Aaron when Topher comes over next...He probably won't enjoy the hour long photo-op session...)

Before we left, I bribed the boys into sitting down for a photo. Funny thing is...I think they forgot and never actually got their treats. But I got some awesome pictures!

All in all, Christmas was a ton of fun. I loved being able to spend Christmas Eve and Morning just with my husband. It was wonderful and so much fun to be together. And I loved being able to find time for everyone else in the family so I could enjoy christmas with everyone. I will admit I feel I was slightly jipped by my Christmas with alan and Jen...but that's ok. Jen's mum and dad were there...so I hope I'll get more Alan and Jen time next year...

Christmas was definitely not the same this year since we never did a big Johnson get together. I will admit that is always going to be one of my favorite things...to be with my WHOLE family all at once. But, then again, we did get to do that for Thanksgiving, so I can't be too disappointed.

I love my family so much and am so grateful for the time they give me! They're the bestest family ever!


princess jen said...

Yay! A new post!! It was so fun to read all about your Christmas adventures. I love you lots!

Super Daysh said...

Those are some cute pics of the little Caden man. He is so adorable! That was a fun trip to Vegas and I am still sad that Christmas is over until next year... :(
But I am SO proud of you for posting another blog!!

Mythreesons said...

Hi little Bug! Yay for a new post! Hip, hip hooray! And how cute is Caden? I want those pics for shizzle. You got so spoiled. When you left I found a pile of stuff I had bought for you to go with your stuff in the van:P... you'll have to come back to get it... there was a really cute Christmas decoration...

Sara & Company said...

What a fun Christmas! You all sure got around, now, didn't you? I loved your pictures and love that it seems everyone was plenty spoiled this year. Too fun! Merry Christmas!!!!