Funny Tour Guide Experience

Today on my tour...I had some really bright children. And some very boring mothers...
I got to the sugar stop, most of you know what I'm talking about, the big 2,500 lb. bags of sugar...and this was the dialogue that followed between me and my group:
Me-"All right, this bag right here, is full of a very special ingredient that helps us make our candy taste nice and sweet! Can anyone maybe guess what ingredient it is?"
At this point I receive completely blank stares from EVERYONE, including the moms.
So I ask,
"Do you guys know what an ingredient is?"
All the little pre-schoolers shake their heads to tell me no. And so I explain that an ingredient is something we put in our candy. I then give them examples. My examples, are SUGAR, (which I emphasize) salt, chocolate, and different syrups.
So I ask again, "can anyone guess what's inside this big bag behind me?"
A little boy pops his arm up and shouts "sugar!".
"Good Job! This bag does have -"
In the middle of my sentence a little girl throws her arm in the air, so I point to her and she exclaims "Salt!"
I respond, "No, this bag has sugar in it sweetie"
"Ok, salt is ingredient, good job."
I move on to the next room, chuckling to myself.
As we get to the Taffy Kitchen there is white, yellow and pink taffy coming off of the cooling wheels, so further into my talking about the room, I ask if anyone can guess what flavors we're making today. I point to the white, and ask if anyone has any guesses.
Three little kids yell "sugar!"
"No, a flavor. A flavor is like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry...Can you guess what flavors we're making today?"
Again, the little kids in unison all yell "sugar!"
So I say nevermind, and I tell them that the white taffy is vanilla. I then ask if they can guess what flavor the pink taffy is, at which point the kids all yell "vanilla!!"
This cracked me up so bad. I decided to stop asking them any questions and just keep going.
the kids were like this pretty much the whole tour. Deer in the headlights children who had no idea what they were talking about. The funny thing was that the moms were completely expressionless. They didn't think it was funny at all!!! If my kid was that obvlivious/silly, I would think it was hysterical. But not these moms. They were all business.

Anyway...the tour just cracked me up...plus I hadn't posted in a while. So I thought I'd share!


princess jen said...

That was a funny story! Thanks for sharing it with us Bug.

Mythreesons said...

Those moms do sound really lame... I think tours with little kids would be really fun

Sara & Company said...

Kids seriously crack me up. I've been trying harder lately to laugh at those frustrating and yet oh so darling things my kids do and say....Like when Will interrupts me 100 times during any conversation to tell me in the sweetest voice that he loves me. What a sweetie! Thanks for your post. And....errrr...I still need to call you. Every time I try all craziness breaks out. Sorry. I hope you are doing well.

Alan J said...

Were you holding a whip when you asked the questions?