Baby Girl

Well, This is our little baby girl.

Sorry it has taken me so long to post any pictures....You can say thanks for these to Alan, he scanned them in for me and did the cool arrows and everything. What a sweet big brother I have.

My favorite picture is by far the profile one. She was so cute when they took that picture. She had been laying on her side, and then she stretched her legs out all the way on my tummy, and then she stretched her arms way above her head on my tummy as well. It was funny because I could feel her do it! I of course wouldn't have known WHAT she was doing had I not seen it, but it was fun to see her move around and relax. After she stretched out, she rolled over to her back and just fell asleep. (I think anyway, Cuz she stopped moving, kicked her legs up and lay her head down.) It was cute.

Anyway. As most of my family knows now, there is a tiny flaw in our perfect little girl. Her heart hasn't formed properly, so only half of it works. Luckily, while she is in utero, it doesn't affect her negatively, I guess my placenta is supplying all her oxygen. But, once she's born, the problem is fatal.

Because of this, the past few days have of course been hard. Not to mention that there have been difficulties for Dacia and for Alan and Jen, and that only compounds the hurt that I know everyone is probably feeling for all the different situations out there.

Something I have come to realize though, (and it only took me a day or two), is just how blessed Topher and I really are. Not an hour has gone by since we found out, that we haven't been called by someone in the family to see how we were doing. Karen rushed to our apartment to keep us company, bought us Taco Bell and brought a sweet Rachel to cheer us up. Dacia came over, even though she was having troubles of her own and kept me company, knowing that no one else could do it better than her. Alan and Jen were immediate to offer to come get me to spend time with me, even though they were having problems as well! Topher's parents brought us K.F.C. and lots of research. Dacia ordered us pizza for lunch the next day and had it delivered to the house. Mom dropped her weekend plans and said she'd be here over the weekend for me. And today, I came into work after another rotten morning and there were beautiful yellow gerbers sitting on my desk from my sweet sister Emi and her adorable boys.

If nothing else, than this has just taught me how important family really is. I have an amazing family that sacrifices so much for me. That goes out of their way however they can, to put a smile on my face or just to let me know I'm loved. I have a family that I know is praying for me throughout the whole of every day. They are so wonderful and supportive and the best friends I could possibly ask for. I also know that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me and Topher very much. I lost count of how many prayers I have said since Tuesday, but even if I was completely devastated and blubbering like a baby, the instant I thought Heavenly Father's name and asked him for his help, I immediately felt comforted. I know he is with me and Topher and that he is watching over Sophie, making sure she's o.k. I know that no matter what happens, she is our baby girl forever and ever, no matter how much time we actually get with her on Earth. This isn't to say by any means that I'm ok with the way things are, and I'm happy go lucky. But like Dacia's "thoughts" blog reminded me, I can have faith that sophie will be healthy and happy, but if not, I can have faith that whatever happens, the Lord is in it, and it will be for my good, Topher's good, and more importantly, for Sophie's good.

Thank you so much to my wonderful family. My sweet, beautiful, wonderful, caring sisters. My perfect and wonderful mommy. My big adorable brother and My loving, and caring dad. Thank you so much to my adorable neice and nephews who are so eager to give me hugs and kisses, (even AARON!!), and thanks so much Karen for your constant friendship and support.
Thanks for your prayers! Please don't stop sending them our way.
Love you all more than you could imagine.
Love Buggy, Topher and Sophie


Super Daysh said...

Bug I never ceased to be amazed by your faith and strength in thsi situation. You really are such an example to me and I look up to you so much. We love you so much, Bug and Toph-toph and little Sophie. Our prayers are always with you.

Mythreesons said...

Little Bug, that was such a sweet update. You guys are being so strong, Jared and I really admire you guys. We'll keep praying for you. Jaxon's been praying for rain and it rained today... now he's praying for Sophie, so you know Heavenly Father will come through. Jaxon has unshakable faith! We love you guys!

princess jen said...

Anya gave the sweetest prayer for little Sophie last night. "Please bless that when Sophie comes out she's not sick anymore..." I'm so glad I could spend some time with you. You impress me so much and you've been such an example to me of Christ-like behavior.

Sara & Company said...

I love you two and am always praying for you. It was so nice to talk to you the other day. And yes, she is and always will be your little girl. Keep your chin up!