Families are Forever

I wanted to write this sooner, but, I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to express my feelings accurately. Hopefully, giving myself yesterday to think about it more will make my thoughts a bit more clear now.
My sister-in law Misty got married just 2 weeks before Topher and I, and very soon afterwards, she became pregnant. Misty had wanted a baby so bad and had pretty much begun trying immediately after they were married. She got pregnant about a month and a half after they got married, and was looking forward to her new baby more than anything.
Her pregnancy had been very very hard, not on the baby, but on her. She was constantly sick, to the extreme. She was always tired, uncomfortable, and sick. But, something really neat is that I NEVER heard her complain. She was always happy and willing to give me a smile, even if she had just returned from the bathroom to throw up.
Her pregnancy, aside from her being sick, had otherwise been completely normal. Healthy baby, healthy mommy. Only thing possibly unique, was that her baby was a big one. Her little baby was growing so fast!
For those of you who don't know Misty, she has a very little frame, so for her to be carrying this rapidly growing little baby, she looked like she might break in half from the weight at about 6 months!
Anyway, further in the pregnancy Misty found out she was having a little boy. And they have since named little boy Helaman.
Because of how fast Helaman was growing, Misty's Dr. decided it would be best if they induced Misty about 2 weeks ahead of her due date. Her due date was January 28th, so they planned on inducing her either on January 8th if she was dilated, or if not, then for sure inducing her no later than the 15th of January.
But her plans were cut short this past Thursday night, when she stopped feeling the baby move. Having heard that this may be a sign of going into labor shortly, she didn't worry too much. The next day, on Friday night, she began to go into labor. She waited through most of the night, counting contractions and measuring the time inbetween and then Saturday morning she went into the hospital.
As soon as they hooked her up to the monitor they knew that baby Helaman had died. There was no heart beat and no movement.
Misty then continued to go into labor and ended up enduring 27 hours of hard labor, 18 of which were without an epidural.
Little Helaman was born at 2:20 a.m. on Sunday morning at a big and healthy 8 pounds. They determined that the cause of death was the umbilical cord. It had twisted on itself, cutting off all the blood going to Helaman. There was nothing at all Misty could have possibly done to cause or prevent what happened to him. It was just one of those random horrors that you never expect. I've been told Helaman was an absolutely beautiful baby. Warm brown skin, long dark brown hair, with Jose's ears and Jose's nose.
My heart breaks when I think about Misty and Jose and what they must be going through and will continue to go through. I can't imagine the pain that she must be feeling when she thinks that, at least in this life, she'll never be able to hear him say "mommy" or take his first steps. I wish more than anything in this world that there was something, anything I could do to take away her pain. But, sadly there isn't anything any person can do to bring back what she has lost. But, thinking on it more and more, my shock and sadness for Misty has slowly been turning into a gratitutde and love for Heavenly Father and Our Savior, and their plan for us.
No one could do anything more for Misty than what Heavenly Father and Jesus have done for her. They've given Misty, and all the other families out there who have lost loved ones, the blessing of knowing that if we live up to the covenants we have made, that we will be with our families forever. Whether we are able to enjoy their company for a lifetime, or not even for a moment, they are our family for eternity. Misty will get to raise little Helaman from birth on in the Millennium. And although that doesn't take away the pain that she is definitely feeling, I am so grateful that that blessing is there for her to look forward to one day.
I am so grateful for the gospel and that Heavenly Father loves me enough to offer me this blessing as well. I am so grateful that no matter what happens in this life, no matter the lives we lose and friendships that are cut short, I will see my family again. They are my family forever and only Heavenly Father and my Savior could make that possible.
I am so grateful to live in a church that promises eternal families. I want to live my life in a way that these blessings will always be available to me.
My prayers and thoughts are with Misty and Jose and I know that they'll be with baby Helaman again.
I know this was sort of a testimony/journal entry. But I felt that I wanted/needed to get it off my chest, and so I thought I would share my testimony with my family at the same time.
I Love you guys!


princess jen said...

That was beautiful Bugs. Thanks for sharing with us.

Super Daysh said...

That was really sweet, lil Bug. I'm glad you have a strong testimony of eternal families. Our heart goes out to Misty and Jose and their lost little one. Joe and I pray for you guys daily and hope that all will be comforted.

Lady of the Rings said...

thank you for sharing that with us. I am grateful that you have a strong testimony, it almost seems in today's world you can't survive without one. Our prayers are always with you and all of our children. Our hearts go out to Misti and Jose. we love you

Carl & Karen said...

That was beautiful, Buggy, just like you.

Mythreesons said...

What a sweet post, Bugs... I'm glad you shared. Our thoughts and prayers are with Misty and Jose, too. Helaman must be a really special little guys if he was needed back in Heaven... give her our love. And we pray for you and Topher every day, too. Love you lots and can't wait to see you!

Sara & Company said...

Beautifully and so spiritually expressed. Thank you so much for sharing that. My love goes out to Misty and Jose and as always to you. Love you.