I Want My Mommy!!!

I'm anywhere between 3 and 5 weeks pregnant, and I'm already wanting my Mommy!
I feel so sick, exhausted, and over emotional its crazy. I cried all morning because I didn't was having such a hard time waking up. I then showered with the lights off, fell asleep in the shower, fell asleep again after showering, and then cried some more I was so tired.
I'm now at work, feeling sick, crying and feeling like nothing would feel better than throwing up. But, of course, I can't throw up, because that would be too easy. So I'm sitting here, nauseous and light headed, wanting to go home.
Luckily, Venice is at work with me too and she requested I sit at the desk, relax and not do anything.
I hope this pregnancy thing gets better soon, because right now, I'm about to resent this baby!
Honestly, that's probably not true...I'm so so excited to be pregnant. I've probably been thinking about this baby that's growing inside of me 23 out of the 24 hours in the day. I think its amazing, and I feel so lucky and blessed that Heavenly Father somehow has enough faith in me to entrust me with this little being.
And I guess that if Heavenly Father trusts me to HAVE a baby, then that means I'm strong enough to deal with a little bit of morning sickness in the beginning.
Anywhooo...to all of you that are familiar with pregnancy symptoms...PLEASE let me know when I can expect to be feeling better!


Sara & Company said...

I'm so sorry you are feeling so tired and sick. I used to take naps on the conference room floor at work when I physically could not stay up for another minute. And poor Will watched a little too much TV in absolute desperation when I was pregnant with Adri. But they're worth it! Good luck, sweetie!

princess jen said...

Good luck...it's just starting...but it will get better eventually. Why didn't you call me? I would have come and seen you!

Mythreesons said...

I'm only sick for the first trimester. When 13 weeks roll around, I'm suddenly all better and hornier than a toad!
It's been that way everytime. Most people are only sick in the beginning... hopefully the same will be true for you.

Super Daysh said...

Dude, I should get pregnat...just for the 2nd trimester. Tee hee hee. Joe would like that...except for the fact that I will be fat. Oh well.

Sara & Company said...

Yeah...except for the fact that when you actually have the baby they think their completely sleep deprived, overextended, hormonally malfunctioned wife should be the same as she was before and they're like, "what happened?" I tell you what!!!