Amazing Family Ties...

So, this post is sort of random..but after sitting here and thinking for what was probably way too long for me to be thinking, (i could've hurt myself) I have come to the realization that I have an AMAZING family.
I have always been ready to admit that I have a wonderful family and that each member of my family is my best friend is some respect. But I think I have taken advantage, or just overlooked, how amazingly talented each and every one of them are.
I was just glancing over Alan's website, AlanJPhoto, and realized how amazingly talented he is at photography. Maybe he has always been really talented at this, but it seems like it has just recently started to take flight into an amazing ability...And THIS realization, is what brings me to my blog.
My amazing family, and all of their abilities that leave me in awe.

I guess I'll begin with Alan, since he's the Oldest and the freshest on my mind.
When most people meet Alan, they think he is an amazing outdoors man. Awesome at biking, hiking, repelling, mountain climbing, the works...whatever it is outdoors, he's mastered it. And this is of course true, he IS amazing at all those things. In fact, when I describe my brother to people, I am normally ALWAYS bragging about his amazing repelling/mountain climbing and mountain biking skills.
But on top of those things, he is an outstanding photographer. Talk about talented. He just seems to get better and better and better with every single photo shoot!! He always finds these unique angles, and has the right setting and mood and lighting. And he has so many cool ways of editing the pictures to enhance features, and highlight aspects of the photo. He is just amazingly talented. Wow. Props to the big Brother. :)

So, next in line would be Emily. Emily is,... well, Emily. Thinking about her always leaves me at a loss of words. Emily is always dedicated, and focused and always seems to know exactly what she wants and needs and what needs to be done to get it. Her determination is something that I envy. Not only did she graduate High School with High Honors, while being in Limited Edition, Advanced Theater and numerous A.P. classes, (something I WISH i could've achieved) she also got her bachelors, AND a law degree. AND she got her law degree while she was taking care of a little baby. She is SO SO amazingly smart. I can only wish that somewhere deep inside me is a little bit of the motivation and ability that drove her to go through such intense schooling and to finish on top. I can barely even manage three easy general ed classes, and I have no excuses not to finish them or suceed in them. Emily is simply amazingly smart. But, like Alan, being smart is not her only ability that amazes me. She also, is an AMAZING gourmet chef. She may tell people its just a hobby, but she comes up with some of the yummiest and most BEAUTIFUL concoctions in the whole world. I envy her ability to make a trifle that looks flawless, when there's me, who if I EVER try to make a pretty dessert, I have to tell people "Who cares what it looks like! It tastes good, I swear!! It all goes to the same place anyway..."
And, I won't stop there, Emily is also an amazing piano player. Never once did she give up on piano. She was always practicing and doing all her assignments in piano lessons. She wasn't a slacker like me, she actually devoted time and effort to it. She is AMAZING. And to top it all off, she is a wonderful mother.

Next is Dacia.
Not only does she have the ability to make anyone smile and laugh, but she is also very very gifted in graphic design. She can make ANYTHING, from a scrapbook page, to a home made card, to an entire magazine look above and beyond professional. She has the ability to make everything flow, and no matter what the design or object of her task, she always seems to get the desired effect. Her magazines are spectacular, they look flawless. Her designs and color schemes are always unique and beautiful. Her scrapbook pages are the object of probably every girl's envy. She's just got an eye for good art.
On top of her talent with a Mac and being able to lay out any design she desires...she is super talented at drawing and art. I remember looking at her artwork ever since I was in Elementary School and wishing I could draw like her. She always made everything look so real. Everything she drew ended up being perfect, and she could draw it in HALF the time it took me to conjure up something half as impressive. She seems to think that because she has an artist for a husband that he overshadows her, but I would SERIOUSLY contest that. I have always thought, and still think, that she is an amazing artist.
Aside from her artistic abilities she is an amazing best friend.

So...those are the siblings. Pretty amazing.
But, I would never dream of leaving out their spouses!!

First off Jen, cuz I know her better than Jared and Joe, and therefore have much more to say about her. :)She is one of the most caring people I've ever met. She is always interested in everyone's feelings and hopes and dreams. Within an hour of meeting her, she has undoubtedly caused you to have diarrea of the mouth and you're telling her all your hopes, dreams and dark secrets!!
Jen is also amazing with kids. I don't think i've ever seen a little kid not fall in love with Jen.
jen is also super impressive when it comes to the outdoors. While most of the family would be whining and complaining about a hike, she actually enjoys and kicks butt when it comes to hiking and backpacking. Something that part of me envies, and part of me is just in awe that anyone would enjoy such an activity. ;)
Jen is also someone who doesn't seem to ever give up. She'll try over and over again at anything. I mean, look at the family she married into! and She still hasn't divorced Alan!! haha. jk.
She seems to have done everything and been everywhere and experienced everything, and that makes her very wise in my eyes. :)

Jared. Jared seems very wise, but also like a little boy sometimes. Just over the past year, I feel like I've noticed a lot more how much he is in love with Emily, and that right there is a talent in and of itself! hehe. jk emi. Jared really does seem to be an amazing spouse though. He seems to take such good care of his wife and children, and it seems as though his family all love and respect him very very much. He also, from what I can tell, seems to be really super smart. Getting a degree in criminal law, going to the Police Academy, being in the military, these are all feats that seem unbelievable and unascertainable to me. He is very versatile and talented in everything he does. Also, something that completely amazes me, is his ability to walk into a house, a house of any means or situation, and turn it into something beautiful. His ability to alter a house's appearance by means of flooring, cabinets, carpeting, ANYTHING that needs to be done, is just amazing.

Next, would be Zeburr. Along with Daysh, he maintains the ability to make anyone laugh. But, aside from that, he is an entertainer, an acrobat, an artist, a skater punk, and a dirt bike junkie. Talk about multi-talented. Anything that boy puts his mind to, it can be done, and not only can it be done, but he can probably MASTER it. Water sports, yard sports, biking, you name it, he can probably do it, and if he can't, give him an hour and he'll have it down pat. :)
Plus, he writes hysterically funny church talks and treats my sister really well. :)

And of course I haven't forgotten the best of all, and that would by MY spousey. He is AMAZING!!!!!! You may all think he is a push over because he spoils me more than Veruca Salt, but I say that he is wonderful. He is so smart and self sacrificing and just down right amazing. He is always good at whatever he attempts and amazing at anything he really puts his mind to. He is kind and loving and DOWN RIGHT AMAZING with kids. Talk about being a #1 future daddy. He also is an amazing Korean chef, and linguist. He is so much fun to watch fly kites. I think I could watch him all day because of the smile on his face while he's doing it. He is amazing and capable of so many wonderful things. I'm SO excited I get to watch him accomplish them all throughout the rest of our lives together. :)

Now, I realize that this has been an AMAZINGLY long post, and for this I apologize. But my work here is not done yet. I still need to post about my amazing parents...but...i'm sleepy...and need to go throw up some more...so...adieu for tonight...

I love my family so so much!! Thank you all for being the best friends a sister could EVER ask for!


princess jen said...

You are the sweetest!!! I loved reading your thoughts about everyone. I had so much fun talking with you this afternoon. Hopefully you left feeling a bit better. I love you so much!!

Mythreesons said...

You said Amazing or amazingly 29 times. But you only said it twice in your blurb about Dacia. Get a theasarus.

Mythreesons said...

oh, and how come you commented on everyone's blogs except for mine. Punk. Amazing punk.

Mythreesons said...

OK, Ok, Just kidding.. I can say something nice, too. That was a very sweet blog Bug. Thanks for saying all those nice things about all of us. I love you, too and I'm sorry you're still feeling sick. Isn't your ultrasound tomorrow? Let me know how it goes. I just sit at home being bored without my hub. Thanks for being such a sweet sister!

Mythreesons said...

Oh, and I just saw that you did comment on my blogs... you just saved them for last. I hope you're feeling better very soon... or at least by your second trimester!

Toshander said...

haha. emi makes me laugh. getting all mad at me for not commenting on your blogs...psh. i did too comment on them!!! :)

Toshander said...

and hey...it was really hard to use words aside from amazing because they all made me sound cheesy and un-sincere. i tried sometimes though. i used words like spectacular and incredible and impressive. :(

Super Daysh said...

You are such a nerd. But I do love you. You are one of my best friends too...I'm just not THAT bored that I write a whole blog about it. j/k Thank you for the sweet things you said about me....I don't deserve them...I be a little punk face. Joe and need to come visit you and eat ice cream...yum.

Super Daysh said...

by the way...did Emily leave enough comments? Now THERE is a person with too much time on her hands. ;-)

Sara & Company said...

That was the sweetest thing ever! Aren't families the best?!!!