Family Reunion

So, this last week Topher and I went to the Johnson family reunion. It was definitely a very LONG vacation, (9 days) but we spaced it out between a lot of different places and people, so we didn't ever get burned out. :)

We started our vacation by goin to Mum and Sam's, (always a very relaxing choice) and we spent a couple days there with them chatting, shopping, watching movies, getting massages, and going to their spa.

Then on Saturday night we went into Jackson and the Tetons. We met up with Dad, Emily and Alan, had some wonderful dutch oven dinners, did some pretty hikes and some kyaking on Lewis Lake. Who ever said a one person kyak is for one person, is wrong, because Topher and I fit just fine in it together. It was very cozy...and quite convenient because I didn't have to paddle at all. :)

We slept in Dad and Karen's trailer and every morning when Rachel woke up, we'd take her out of the pac'n play and she'd snuggle with us and tell us all the bug names on my pillowcase,(So so sweet!!!).

The Tetons were beautiful and Topher and I managed to live up to our life motto of "Been there Kissed there"...

It was so much fun to have a couple days with my siblings and parents and to just get to relax and spend time catching up with mom, dad, emily and alan...(it would have been fun to catch up with Dacia, but she didn't feel the need to show up at Flagg Ranch with the rest of us...;))
After the weekend with the family, we went a little further into Yellowstone and then went to Harriman State Park for the actual reunion. Although the 'living space' was anything but spacious, or comfortable or cozy, it was fun and we managed to enjoy ourselves with a couple different activities. The family olympics were a lot of fun, (Topher almost won the Hula Hoop contest AND the pie eating contest!!)

Topher managed to go kyaking down the river with Joe (one of his highlights of the trip), we went to Firehole in Yellowstone, Topher got to fly his kite in Yellowstone, we played card games every night, and I had a lot of fun doing the dessert bar for the whole family. All in all, a sucessful trip for Topher to meet and mingle with the Johnson family, and a fun opportunity for us to spend time with my siblings and parents.


Mythreesons said...

Another blog update! So soon! It makes me so happy I want to weep! What fun pictures, except for the one with my g's hanging out a mile. Maybe those shorts are too short... Enjoy the rest of your week mommy! Oh, and if you're only two weeks along, you only have about two more weeks until you'll start feeling sick...:)

princess jen said...

Yay! I wasn't expecting anything when I clicked on your blog this morning and I was super surprised. I should probably start posting my reunion pictures now.
Call me sometime soon. I want to talk more about your baby!!

Sara & Company said...

Ok, can I say picture perfect?!!! I love that last photo of you two! But as far as amazing goes, that one of Jaxon in the air is AWESOME!!! Fun!!!

And two weeks, eh? CONGRATULATIONS!!! I really am excited for you. And how can you not be a great mommy? You are so darling with kids. It is amazing that two little cells becomes a little baby who then becomes a little toddler and a person with their own abilities, temperment, likes and dreams! Hopefully your little one will be nice to you and you won't get too sick. Best of luck, cutie!

Super Daysh said...

I am very impressed. You posted reunion pics! go you! I am lazy. But I did download all my pictures from my camera finally. GO ME! Oh and the faces on Joe and Topher when they swing Jax in the air...priceless. Hilarious! And who took that CUTE picture of you two....oh yea... that would be me. I'm amazing. Okay bye.