Dacia's "Tag 11"

1. One of my biggest regrets in life:
High School. High School. High School.
Need I say more.

2. Stupidest thing I ever did:
Date that stupid boy named Jay Karl Webb. I don't know WHAT i was thinking!!!!

3. Funniest thing I ever did:
I do many stupid and funny things. But probably the one that sticks out most in my mind is mine and Dacia's sour cream fight. haha. thinking about that night always makes me laugh. we were eating tacos and ended up chasing each other around the house throwing sour cream at each other! hehehe

4. Favorite joke:
may not be a super funny joke...but its the best I got...and it makes me laugh.

What did the Fish say when it ran into the wall?


What did the wall say when the Fish ran into it?

Dumb Bass!!

5. One favorite odd thing to do:
Strangely enough, I agree with Dacia and Emily, it is so much fun to bite Topher!! hehe. they're of course loving nibbles. but still, very fun indeed.

6. Could spend hours doing this:
sleeping. shopping. watching gilmore girls. eating ice cream. snuggling with my husband.

7. Dream Job:
One where I could rotate doing different jobs depending on what I was in the mood for every day. :) I could be a teacher on monday, a chef on tuesday, a cosmetologist on wednesday, a travel agent on friday, and a swim teacher on saturday mornings....then be a mommy and a wife on saturday and sunday. hehe. i think that would be the best job EVER. too bad it doesn't exist.

8.Favorite room in the house to clean:
why should I clean when I have a Topher?! hehe...none of the above. i hate to clean. if i have to clean, then the living room. cuz it always looks so darn pretty when its clean.

9. A future goal:
Along with Dacia...I hope to travel the world with my spousey. He has seen a good portion of Asia, and so he could be my tour guide through that continent, and I could be his tour guide through Europe. And then we could explore all the other places neither of us has ever been to. :)

10. My perfect day consists of:
Being able to sleep in until at least 7:30...Waking up with energy, and for once in the past 7 weeks, NOT being exhausted, therefore, being able to shower and dress myself, and to have the energy to actually DO my hair and make up half decently. My day would then consist of not having to go to work AT ALL, and Topher not having to go to school. Topher and I would stay home and have a yummy breakfast together. Then we would meet up with my family somewhere, a park or something fun, and we would spend the afternoon eating, laughing, playing games and just being together as friends and family. Then Topher and I would got out for dinner. Have fun just being together. And then we would go home, snuggle up in our bed, watch a movie together on our Projector screen, and fall asleep by 10. It doesn't get much better than that...well, I guess If I randomly won 1,000 dollars for no reason that would make it a pretty good day too.

11. Something that needs to be invented:
Well, Topher thinks that all the wind that rushes past your car should be converted into a system that helps your car be more efficient. he thinks that cars should have turbines that convert the wind into electricity...he's a weirdo though...
I think they should invent robots that do your homework for you, and go to class for you, and go to work for you, and entertain your husband while you sleep. ;) hehehe


princess jen said...

I liked your fun responses. Converting the wind around your car sounds like a very interesting idea Topher. If you invented it, you'd be rich!

Super Daysh said...

They are destined to be poor. Sorry Bug. Tee hee hee. Wasn't that a great blog that I made up!? I rock.

Sara & Company said...

What is with it with you girls biting? That is the weirdest thing ever! I loved your posts, though!

princess jen said...

Yay, she's not the only one. Alan does not like it when I bite. But I told him he would have to be less delicious in order to get me to stop!

Mythreesons said...

mmmm...biting...hee hee. I do like Dacia's made up tag... maybe' I'll have to try it. I love you bug, even if you didn't send me a present! (or even a card!!!)