Month of Change

Aside from March 2008 when Grace was born, February 2011 is turning out to be the most overwhelming month since the beginning of our mini Andersen family. On January 30 Topher left the Salt Lake Airport at 1 a.m. bound for Rhode Island for his 5 week training at ODS (officer development school). He was to be there for 5 weeks, come home, be with me for a week, say goodbye to his family and friends, help us pack up and move out and then March 15th we would be in Charleston, SC closing on our new house.
That was the plan on January 30th.
Now, not even a week later, Topher isn't coming home anymore. He is flying straight to Charleston to close on our house earlier than anticipated and be there for the final walk through and signing.
I am moving without him now. He no longer gets to say goodbye to our house, our ward, our friends, his family, UTAH in general...
We are probably going to have the Navy just move us nowrather than doing it ourselves, and I'm just a little flustered.

Flustering aside...the end of January was also really neat. Topher got commissioned as an Officer in the Navy. He is now officially Ensign Christopher Andersen, (pronounced Enzin btw).
Yes, I did indeed notice Grace's hand is down her pants...it's lovely don't you think? I've raised such a charming little lady.
Topher also received his Diploma right before he left, so he is now a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering.
These were both such neat things and I am so grateful I was able to be a part of Topher's life for both those awesome occasions. I am so impressed by him, and you can say you hate the word "proud" but DARNIT I am PROUD OF MY HUSBAND!! He has worked hard, and I think he is so amazing. I'm so grateful to be married to him.

Before he left I also threw him a "Birthday Day". His birthday is actually on the 3rd, so our party was a bit early, but since we can't talk or be together or anything I wanted him to have a Birthday before he left. I woke up early, made him his favorite breakfast, set him up on the couch with his baby and a movie, later made him a yummy lunch, and his favorite dinner and a peanut butter ice cream pie. I figured he needed to fill up on my cooking before he was stuck with military food for 5 weeks. They're not allowed to have ANY SNACKS or food of any kind in their room, AND "there will be no desserts of any kind for the first 4 weeks"-as quoted from the manual. :) hahah!
We also went out to dinner with his familiy for his and his little sister's joint Birthday celebration, and I am so so glad we did that now since he won't be back to say official goodbyes.
Here is a picture of the progress on our house in Goose Creek, S.C.
Anyway. I am excited and nervous for this upcoming change in our lives. We will be in Charleston, SC as of March 11th and in our new house, and I couldn't be more mixed with my emotions.
Change, here we come!


Rachel's Mommy said...

Change is good (and constant!). You'll do great, as you always do. There is NOTHING in this world you cannot handle--if you don't believe me, look at your daughter who is THRIVING for proof. This is the adventure of your life, and it will be a great one!

Super Daysh said...

Change can be good. It will be a fun move and good to make new friends- just keep looking at it that way. And besides, you'll be much stronger for having to move yourself- and now you will have a great story... "remember that one time I had to move all by myself and DRIVE to SC all alone!?" It will be a great conversation starter and now you will officially be a navy wife! :)

Kandi said...

You're an amazing person Buggy! This is going to be a big adventure, and you get to explore the east coast, which should be fun. :) If you need help with anything, just give me call, k.

princess jen said...

You are STRONG! You are CAPABLE! You are AWESOME! I love you :)

Mythreesons said...

Sorry Bug. I'm not going to be as optimistic... change is HARD. And your move will be hard. But, it will make you stronger, it will strengthen your marriage, and you will be amazed at the fun your little family will have. Plus, the traveling! Hang in there Bugs and good luck with the packing.

Thoughtful Runner said...

Congratulations to Ensign Andersen! Wish we could have been there to participate in the commissioning. Entrance into the military brings with it change - but luckily there are constants in life that make the change easier to deal with. Don't forget that your family is one of those - and we will continue to be there for you. That notwithstanding - good luck with all the remaining preparation for what lies ahead. And rest assured that everything will work out well.