I miss my Hubby

I know that there are thousands of women whose husbands have been, will be or are deployed. Some of them more than once, and ranging anywhere from 6 months to 1 yr. or more.

But just because it is so, does not mean that Topher being gone for only 6 weeks is easy.
Gosh darnit I love that boy and even 11 days without him sucks!

I have so much more respect and admiration for women whose husbands leave for months at a time. You are all strong, amazing and courageous women!! Whether you are suceeding, progressing, failing or floundering in your husband's absence, it makes no difference to me...If you and your children are still alive and breathing, I see that as a huge success.
(Isn't he handsome??!)
Anyway, I am not falling apart or anything without Topher...it's just the little things that I miss and its just occasional moments during the day where I just really miss his companionship.
I suppose that's a good thing though, I could be grateful he's gone and be living it up without him I suppose. So I'll be grateful that our relationship is such that I miss him and am not thriving in his absence.
Thinking about him though, I wanted to post a couple pictures of him cuz I love him so darn much.
If you don't care, then don't look at them! If you aren't interested, then you shouldn't have read the blog when you saw it was titled "i miss my hubby"!!
This is MY blog and I'm using it as MY journal entries, so I will post whatever pictures and sappy phrases that I want.
So there. :)
Isn't he cute? This is our little nephew Moroni and I happen to be smitten with him. I also love how adorable Topher is with him. He is such a sweet and kind Uncle, I love watching him with his neices and nephews.
Real quick, I also wanted to just update people as to how Toph is doing out there in frozen Newport.
It sounds like the first week was pretty intense; waking up at 4:15a.m., doing P.T. exercises, having several classes a day, having routine room inspections, getting yelled at continuously, , taking midnight watches in full uniform, having to stand in the back of the classroom if you start falling asleep, being timed while eating, having drills and salutes mandatory to sitting and being able to eat, having to make the bed with a ruler, getting in trouble for doing things correctly if he was one of the few who did so...
Now that he is 2 weeks in it sounds like he is actually enjoying himself in a strange boyish way. He marches everyday and does drills and salutes, listens to Naval History lectures from very dedicated Chiefs and Officers of the Navy and tonight he even got to go out to dinner at the Officer's Club, (a club for Officers ONLY). So he is somewhat enjoying himself, but he is very grateful its only for 6 weeks and not 13 like the guys in Officer Candidate School.
A funny story from his second week, they were having room inspections one day, so their rooms needed to be in tip top shape. They also had to have paperwork filled out for the room inspection to be done and this needed to be placed neatly on their desks. Well, Topher had everything done, filled out and ready for room inspection, but because out of the 51 men in his division only 6 of them did everything right, (including him), HE GOT IN TROUBLE!! I guess that if 6 of them fail, they're all supposed to fail, together as a team! So he got in trouble, for doing it RIGHT! To me, this seems ridiculous, and so unfair. But Topher said that the drill they put his whole division through because of the "failed" room inspection drill, was "kinda fun!". Silly boy. The commanding chiefs THRASHED his room for doing his room inspection properly. They overturned tables, beds, chairs, put his mattress on top of his closet, I mean seriously trashed his room. Then his whole division had to set up a mock room in a large hall, mess it up and then prepare it perfectly for a "inspection", when they didn't perfectly situate a chair, they had to then change into p.t. clothes and do it all over again...I don't see how any of that can in anyway be considered fun, but Topher swears that is was actually sort of entertaining. Such a boy.
So, as much as I would hate it, I guess it's a guy thing. Because he seems to actually be enjoying himself to some extent. Sure he misses us, but I think he is secretly enjoying himself too.
What's especially funny about all the stories he's told me is this: As I said, If I were in his shoes, I would be miserable. I would be hating life. Really. I would. But, I was reading emails from him to his Dad and writing about them to his little brother, and whaddya know? THEY WERE JEALOUS!!! They both thought it sounded like great fun, in fact, I think Toph's Dad's words were something like this "that is so cool! it's like he gets to play Army all day long!"
Anyway, we miss our Topher very much and are looking forward to see him in 25 more days.


Super Daysh said...

I'm glad you miss your hubby- it would really be sad if you didn't. And I'm glad he misses you too- that is also a good thing. :) Don't worry- it won't be long before you will get to be together again- and in your new house too!

Rebecca said...

Wow...so much has changed since I last checked in on y'all! Such a sweet post...I think you are incredible! So...you are going to ve close to us!!! We are regularly in charleston ( actually going tomorrow) so we need to finally meet face to face! Gracey is such a doll!!! She is getting so big!

Lady of the Rings said...

Yea, they are really cute pictures. But then, he is a very handsome dude. Cute little Gracey too. But just think, you never would have had a 2 hour phone call from him, if he had been at home, waiting for you. And he will be so buff when you get him back, with all the salutin' and ruler bed-making!He might actually come in quite useful!
It was GREAT having you here last week. I miss you already. Hope the little Grace gets well again soon. Happy Valentine's day, you cute ones.

princess jen said...

Happy Heart Day Bug! This was a super sweet post about a super great guy. Don't ever apologize for what you write!! I'm glad that he's having so much fun playing Army... I mean Navy... and I'm glad you get to see him again soon and that you get to be in your new house soon even though it's very far away.
I love you!!!!

Thoughtful Runner said...

Excuse me....he's NOT playing ARMY all day! Perhaps NAVY - but NEVER ARMY!! However, it sounds quite like I would have expected - and keeping it perspective for what it is makes a huge difference. Do you REALLY want it...or not?? Go Ensign Andersen!

Mythreesons said...

Dacia says I have to show empathy and say something nice about your whining. She's probably right.
So... I'm sorry your husband is away (for a measly month). It sucks playing single mom. But just think... you're already past the halfway point! And just think of that super awesome house you'll be moving into!

Amy Finnegan said...

Silly Topher! These stories are awesome! (And I will vouch for the fact that Curtis would love nothing more than to play Army all day long!)

Thanks for sharing!! We will miss you all so much, but we're super excited for you to experience this new phase of life!

Kiss Grace for me, please!