Funny Story

I know, I know. It's been a while. A long while. Sorry.

We've been pretty busy.
I dunno. Stuff like TOPHER GRADUATING!!! and us BUYING A HOUSE IN SOUTH CAROLINA!!! seem to take up a lot of time and effort....but. ya know. No biggie. ;)
It's been a pretty busy couple of months though. So. My apologies for the long gap in writing.
Sadly, today isn't really going to be the day I update on our everyday happenings...
however, I have a really funny story to share.
Topher and I have been christmas shopping online the past couple of days and so Grace occasionally looks at the laptop and SEES our purchases or what we've been looking at. Well, for Christmas this year, Grace's big Christmas present is a play Kitchen. SHHHHH!!! DON'T TELL!!

Anyway, she happened to see some of the kitchens we had been looking at.
Her immediate response, "Mommy! Daddy!! I want that kitchen!!!"
Us-"I dunno Gracey. Have you been a good girl? Because Santa only brings kitchens to good girls."
Grace- "Yeah! I been a good girl!"
Us-"Oh, well that's good. But, did you write him a letter telling him you wanted a kitchen?"
Grace-"....oh. no. I didn't....I write him RIGHT NOW!"
Grace proceeds to go to the table grab a pen and a receipt and start scribbling on it, 4.5 seconds into it she lets out a big grunt and drops the pen in exasperation. "Ugh!...I just call him"
Picks up my phone. "Santa? Hello? I want a kitsen for kissmas. Ok. bye!.....Mommy! I did it!"
Me and Topher- mouth open in shock and laughing hysterically quickly stop laughing and say seriously "well, that's good grace. Very to the point."
Grace- "Daddy, I forgot to tell santa. What YOU want for kissmas?"
Topher responds and she immediately makes another call.
This girl cracks. me. up. so bad. She is hysterically funny.
Love her to pieces.
Also. In case you haven't seen Despicable Me. You should. We love it. Grace does too. She had only seen it once in the theater MONTHS ago, and then topher bought it a couple nights ago. At the end of the movie, Vector (bad guy) gets stuck on the moon. We are watching the movie and Grace says "he gonna say 'oh poop' now". Three seconds pass. Vector says "oh poop." Grace says "see!".
What? the? Heck? My daughter is psychic.
Oh, and now she runs around the house saying "He's so fluffy i'm gonna die!!" (Also from the movie)

Well. That's the end of my stories for today. Thanks for reading!


Super Daysh said...

She is such a little crack-up. I love that she just thought to call Santa! That is much faster than writing a letter (especially since I doubt her spelling skills would've gotten her very far). What a silly girl.


Thanks for sharing! She is such a cute little girl!

Rachel's Mommy said...

I love any and all Gracey stories. The only thing better than reading them is hearing you imitate her as you tell them. Such a smart and silly little imp!

Emily@Little Forever Family said...

Too cute!!!!

Mythreesons said...

I can totally hear the whole conversation in my head. That girl seriously cracks me up. I love that she tried to write it first... she really is hysterical.

Gina and the Gang said...

Love the update! Congrats on everything :)

Lady of the Rings said...

She is a hoot. So smart, who would have thought to call at her tender age! She is amazing. Can't wait to see you all.

Alyssa Moon said...

SOOOOO CUTE! that girl cracks me up. :)
Congrats to Topher for graduating and buying a home across the UNITED STATES!
:) SO excited for this new chapter in your life.

Thoughtful Runner said...

I am quite a fan of the Gracey approach! (Ask her if it works with prayers, too!) She is obviously someone who thinks quickly on her feet and doesn't wait to dive into action. (Would some call that impetuousness? I'm wondering where she might have acquired that trait......??)
Definitely a smile-bringer! Thanks for sharing.

kristen said...

She is so adorable! When are you moving? :( We are happy for you though and hope all goes well.

princess jen said...

That is a super cute story! I think she has mad dancing skills too. She was so funny the other night. Congrats on graduating and on the new house. I love you!!