Possibly a hopeless attempt?

So, I have not blogged in a while. In a really loooong while. But, I'm going to attempt to play catch up. This is sort of how I "scrap book" or journal, and basically if I don't review the past few months, there won't be record of them anywhere. So, I'm going to try....

To put my own thoughts in order let me start by saying that September brought us a visit from Topher's little brother, Austin, who had just gotten back from serving an amazing 2 yr. mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. That was the highlight of our September for sure!
October was of course Halloween, and we had some fun times with the week or so leading up to it with lots of Halloween parties and opportunities for Grace to dress up.
November brought my Mom and Sam visiting from Idaho and I was SOOO excited and relieved to have them and their help, (more on that later).
We also were lucky to go on a cruise with Topher's family over Thanksgiving.
In December we took a long 2 wk. hiatus and went to Utah for the Holidays. We were there over Christmas as well as New Years.
If that is not enough, in January we headed to the islands of Hawaii with most of my family for a mini family reunion, and as soon as we returned we did a 360 and went straight back to Utah for Austin's wedding!!
So...ALLL of THAT is what I'm going to try and detail more in the next several posts. It may take me a while. :) But, my memory is so bad, I've gotta do it or I won't remember anything a year from now!! Hopefully...it doesn't take me a year to do this. Hm. Yikes!
Anyway, don't feel compelled to follow along with my ramblings, but if you do, go you! :)

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Thoughtful Runner said...

Okay - we obviously need to catch up together. One bite at a time and perhaps we'll get there. Looking forward to a few posts!