September 2011

In October of 2009 Topher's awesome little brother embarked on a 2 yr. service mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is a great little brother and he made an amazing missionary, teaching and serving those in and out of the Church and bringing the gospel to the people of Quartz Hill, California. We wrote him letters, he wrote us more, and we missed him like crazy. But the person that I'm pretty sure missed him the most, and hey, I think he missed her the most too, is my little Gracey. ;)

From the moment Grace first was held by Austin he has had a special bond with her and she just adores her Uncle Austin. He was always one of her preferred people to be with, play with and cuddle with and when he left I was so so sad that he wouldn't get to see her change throughout the next 2 yrs. But, we sent him pictures and updates and I think they both survived just fine. However, when it was time for him to come home, I made sure he knew that we expected him on our doorstep STAT! So, shortly after he returned home, he made his plans and was on his way!
We had such a great time with him too!! We took him to the beach, out to eat some good southern BBQ, took him Downtown to see some sights, but mostly we just hung out at home. We all missed just chilling, sleeping in, eating good food, watching movies way too late into the night and playing games together. So, we did a lot of hanging out. His Dad would have gone crazy!!! :) But, we loved it.
His visit was a week, but still too short for our taste! He claimed he had to hurry home to his new flame. Psh! Ridiculous. Especially since now she's his wife! Obviously he could've stayed longer, she wasn't going anywhere. ;)
I'll forgive him for leaving so soon since he and his new wife Mrs. Elise L'Don Andersen are coming back to visit next month.
In September I also got Grace into a community Gymnastics class and that was a lot of fun. It was nice for her to have an opportunity to get some wiggles out and I really enjoyed just watching her be involved in something and be so happy doing it. Later when my Mom came to visit in November she even brought some leotards she had made for Grace that were ADORABLE, and Grace's gym teacher tried to convince my Mom to sell them through the Gym! I can't find a picture of her in gymnastics...Hm. I'm a bad mom. My mom took some though, so If I get my hands on those I'll put those up here, because she really is a cutie in those leotards!
We still have our dog...September was not a good month for our dog...I think I wanted to kill her at least once a week. Hm. More on that later maybe. :)
But, that is the synopsis of September. :)


The Andersens said...

September was a good month! I love you my wife, thank you so much for keeping the blog up! love you!!

Laurenkri said...

I am excited you are blogging again! Like ... really excited! :)

Super Daysh said...

Sounds like fun to me!! I'm glad you had such a blast with Austin around. That sand/mud picture is hilarious! Love it. And I want to seem some leotard pics! :)

Kandi said...

Looks like you guys are having fun down there in SC. Maybe I will find a way to come visit you sometime, too! Where you floating around in alligator waters, or is that farther south? Gracie is such a cute little girl. :)

princess jen said...

I want to see those leotard photos!! :) I'm glad Austin was able to come visit so soon and I'm glad Gracey loves him so much.

Thoughtful Runner said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who is months behind in posting blogs! Good to get your September update and glad to officially hear how much you enjoyed the visit.

Sierra and Ryan said...

So many cute pictures!