Role Reversal

I remember growing up and always wanting two things: 1.) A baby brother, or 2.) a dog. My parents never gave me either and I think I've always had a desire for both of them throughout the rest of my growing up years. When my Dad and Karen had a little girl, I'm not gonna lie, I think I was more excited than anyone, (excepting of course Karen...and no I'm leaving out my Dad on purpose. I was that excited.) No, Rachel wasn't a little brother, but she was a little half-sister and I was ridiculously excited. So, that basically put to rest my desire for a baby sibling. Onto #2, I still had an unfulfilled want there. Every time I see puppies in a box for free or adoption day at a local petstore or see someone with a puppy I am just in love. So of course I have been hinting at the idea of getting a dog ever since Topher and I got out here to S.C. and had our own house with no "No Pet" regulations.
That all aside, won't you be surprised then when I tell you that yes, we got a dog, on Saturday, HOWEVER, it is definitely not my dog, nor was she my choice. No, no, no. TOPHER, who does not like dogs, did not really want a dog and certainly wouldn't ever hold a single cute puppy I thrust in his face...yes, TOPHER, chose our dog, and she is most definitely his dog.
Quite randomly too I might add. As of about a week ago, I had finally found the perfect litter of puppies. It was the breed I had been looking for, (Brittany Spaniel) and since it was mixed with a labrador retriever (also family friendly), and about $775 cheaper than purebred Britanny's, I had chosen my puppy. I was going to call this week and see about putting down a deposit, and I was going to drive out there in 6 weeks when the puppy was ready to leave its mommy and take it home with me. :)
But Topher, was still really hesitant. They were expensive, a big commitment and he just wasn't sure.
So, on Saturday afternoon we were running errands and there was a PetCo. I suggested we go in just to price out supplies and things we would need so he could put his mind at ease about the price of a dog.
We went in and it was Adoption day. I fell in love with the puppies, (not because I wanted to buy one, just because they're puppies, and I have to hold puppies when I see them) and Topher, fell in love with a sweet Gordon Setter/Retriever Mix. She was full grown (45 lbs., so small), 2 yrs. old, sweet and affectionate as can be, and Topher had to have her.
I mentioned about 3 times, that we could leave, that we could go price things out, but Topher was stuck on this dog. He took her out to walk her around twice and at one point just said he really had a connection with this dog, and later told me he couldn't imagine anyone else taking her home.
Well. I'd say that settles it. If Topher is ever that certain of something, I don't question it. I trust his gut more than anything.
So, about 3 hours later, we were out the door with a new dog and $165 worth of supplies for her.
Yeah, I think we were both a little in shock.
In fact, I'm still in shock. I have discovered that I am NOT dog person like I had anticipated I would be, and instead TOPHER is the dog person. He and Grace love her, and I'm....well...I'll get there. :) Like Topher told me last night, we can give her a good home, and I would rather she is here than on Death Row at a shelter. Did you know that dogs at a shelter can be there between 1-7 days and then they get put down?? So so sad. :(
She was on death row and this Kennel/foster care program rescued her from death row hoping she could get adopted. I'm glad she did.
We have named her Willow, because it's my favorite movie ever and let's face it "Sorsha" is a bit dramatic and Madmortigan didn't fit a girl dog. :)
Willow is already housetrained, she is obedient, loyal, sweet, gentle, quiet and just the best first dog a person could want.
Topher told me he thinks it's a blessing we got her, because if we hadn't, we would have gotten the puppy I had found, and it would have been SO MUCH WORK. Work that I wouldn't have been able to handle, and that Topher would have resented. Instead, Willow is easy, sweet, Topher enjoys taking care of her, and I'm realizing how wrong I was about a puppy. :)
Oh, and Grace loves her. I think it will be good practice for when we finally have a baby, not to mention a distraction for her. :)
So, without further ado, here is Willow.


Sarah said...

Wow, you did it! I'm impressed. She's a cute dog. You should bring her over sometime to play in our backyard with Arcee :) They're pretty close to the same age, too. I hope you come around, ha ha. It took me a while to get used to having a dog, too.

princess jen said...

Having an adult dog that is already housebroken is MUCH better than having to train a puppy!! But puppies really are super cute. I almost adopted a dog about a month ago from Petsmart. It too was an adult but she was about 70 pounds. Willow is beautiful and I know Grace will love her :) I'm happy for your new addition!!

Super Daysh said...

Awwwww! She is a cute little dog! I'm glad you guys found such a well behaved dog. I hope she continues to be a good one for you and that you develop your "bond" with her. At least you didn't pay $600 for a puppy that you resented. :)

Alan J. said...

A dog?! Ha ha, better you than me. ;) just teach her to catch a frisbee!

rodent said...

She's so cute! Isn't it funny the way things work out? I'm sure she will be a great addition to the family and yay for saving a dog from being put down - definitely the way to go!

Lady of the Rings said...

Well, whaddoyouknow! the Bug with a dog. Who wouldda thunk. I guess I won't be visiting any more. (j/k... unless she bites me). I am glad Gracie likes her. Every little kids needs a kitty or a dog. And not having to house train a puppy is a super great plus. Max was a little older when we got him, and though we missed the Awww so cute kitty stage, it was nice that he stayed off tables and counters and that I didn't have to pluck him out of the curtains. Best of luck with your new cute addition.

C Johnson said...

Congratulations.....and better you than I! However, I can empathize with the "needing to have a dog" phase. I had an Irish Setter most of the years I was in Jr and Sr High - and I'm pretty certain I came to the conclusion after many years that I wasn't a great dog owner and that a dog deserved better. No doubt, Willow, will do just that. (And great choice of a name - it may just prompt me to watch the movie again - which is one of my favorites, also.) Glad Grace is doing so well with her and that they get along so well. Happy running!

Liz said...

she is ADORABLE!!!!!! i want to meet her!!