Getting Better...

On Saturday morning, Grace was still really sick. Her fever had persisted for over 7 days, as had her cough, cold and diarrhea. So we decided to go into the Dr. again. Just to double check that things were o.k.
They did a viral panel, which she HATED. We got the results back on Sunday and YAY! She tested positive for R.S.V. We lovingly passed this along to our neice Maya (so so sorry misty!!) and I may have also passed it on to Ellie unknowingly!! Ugh! I hate getting people sick!
We have no idea where it came from...but for now...I'm going to blame Caden. :) He was the only person sick at Christmas time (afte which grace got sick) and it makes you feel so much better to point fingers doesn't it?? Ok, fine, maybe not. :) I love you Caden!
But anyway, she tested positive for R.S.V.
However, R.S.V. really is just like any other common cold. Just about everyone has had R.S.V. at some point, they just don't know it because it was a mild case. We are scared of the diagnosis R.S.V. because we hear about all the kids in the hospital with it. BUT, the kids in the hospital with it have the RARE bad luck of having a more severe case of the virus. So, since Grace's condition was normal and nothing severe, they offered no extra advice, no medication. Just that we stay home and take care of her there, unless her condition worsened, and mostly, if her breathing became labored. So...we are at home, waiting out this nasty virus.
The good news though, is that it finally seems to be going away!! She has had it now for 2 weeks but it seems to be making its exit. She hasn't had a fever for almost 2 days, the cough is less persistent, the diaper changes are less frequent and disgusting...so this is good!! We are on our way back to our healthy girl.

Along with her health, her personality is also returning. She wanted to take a bath yesterday and was all smiles and silliness for me. So so sweet.

Also, I think part of the reason she's been getting better is thanks to her many naps. She has taken about three every day for the past week or so, and in some unusual places too. :)
We love her so so much and just think she is the sweetest thing. Sneaky yes. Shockingly defiant, yes. Dinosaur Tantrum thrower, yes. But so so sweet too. Yesterday I realized more than ever just how much I love her little face. It is so sweet and beautiful and I just love it. She completely abused this however because she did all sorts of mischeivous things yesterday and then she'd look at me with this BIG mischievous grin and those beautiful blue eyes, and when I'd say "that's not ok, we don't do that", she would giggle and say "okay", with the mischievous grin and eyes that say..."ok...I won't...at least not when you're looking...."
We love and adore her and are so glad she is getting better.
Topher's first day of school was yesterday. It seemed to go well. It was a long day, he didn't even get home until almost 6:30 and had left at 7:30 that morning. But, I think he'll do great. He is capable of so many amazing things and I'm looking forward to the semester more than I thought I could. After all, this is our second to last semester!!!
I just hope I can be the wife he needs me to be. I've learned that a lot of how Topher performs and does in school, is a result of the support I give him. Whether it me keeping Grace out of his hair, feeding him, getting him up in the morning, or getting him to go to bed, getting him focused on homework or just giving him pep-talks...I really do influence him a lot! Wow, huh? So, I hope I can be helpful to him as much as possible, and not be a detriment in any way.
Anywho...that's all for now...oh, unless perhaps you were wondering...
YES I DID WATCH CHUCK ON SUNDAY!! The season 3 premiere was on Sunday, and let me just say it has not budged as my favorite show ever!!! I also watched it again in its usual time slot last night. It is such a great show! I love it! And I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. Mondays. NBC. 7p.m. Be there or be square. :)
Ok...there's my Chuck fan moment for you. :)
And BTW thank you everyone for your sweet comments last post. I didn't mean to sound down. But it was really nice to have all the thoughtful comments saying to keep posting what I want and need to write. Thanks so much. You guys are all great. :)
Lots of love
the Andersen Family


Mythreesons said...

See! You can blog! And add picturs! And some peppier! Much, much better.
I'm so glad Grace is doing better. Who knew one could be so excited at RSV, huh? I'm so glad to see her smiling again.
Good luck with school and hope everyone continues to feel good!
OH, and you did a collage! Did you figure out what was wrong?

The Stewart's said...

I just have to say... LOVE the pictures of Grace. All of her cute smiles. I wish my camera worked better so I could stop missing Alex's cute faces he makes. She may have had a cold, but she looks great. Everytime we have a clinic appointment now I find myself hoping that this visit Grace will be there. It's been forever since we've seen you. Keep up with the posts, I love them, no matter how long they may be. I'm trying to be better about updating Alex's as well. Heart hugs, The Stewarts

Super Daysh said...

You're in luck...you didn't get Ellie sick. I forgive you. ;) Glad that little Gracey-lou is getting better. That is good to hear. We love you guys and want you all healthy!! That's an order! :)

princess jen said...

Your collages are fantastic! Way better than mine ever looked. I swear I keep doing them incorrectly. Gracey is beyond cute in those photos. I LOVE those faces she is pulling! And I'm glad that you finally have a diagnosis and that she is finally on the mend. I love you lots!!

Rachel's Mommy said...

Great pix and post--thanx! Took Rachel to the Dr. today b/c of a 104 temp in addition to her other symptoms. She has ear infections probably due to a sinus infection, so it's Amoxicillin for her, which should hopefully knock it out. Winter stinks!

Alan J said...

What a cutie! Glad she's starting to feel better.

Lady of the Rings said...

Those are the cutest pics. She is such a ham. So glad she is feeling better. What a nice up beat post, see, you can do it when you are in the right mood. Love you, miss you, want you to come visit us again soon.

Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

I'm glad she is getting better. She is SO cute!!!

rodent said...

It's good to see that you are all doing so well! Gracey is so cute and you are right she does have a cute little smile - I can see how she gets out of all sorts of trouble. :)

Mimi said...

Oh my goodness lady!! OK, so I clicked on your blog a few nights ago and read that Gracie had RSV. I took Mia to the doctor yesterday and asked them to test her for it...sure enough...she has it TOO!! ARGH!! I have been pushing for synagis shots this year, but didn't get approved. They basically told us the same thing. Wait it out- no meds. Poor girlies. Mia coughs like crazy, then gags, then you know what, then smiles when its all over.

I am not excited about the 2 week thing... not one bit.

I almost died, about the bed bugs. I myself had the desire to go in there with a blow torch- nasty little suckers. It's crazy the things were do for these transplant kiddo's, the have all of efforts trumped by bed bugs!! Curse those bed bugs! I am so glad you figured it out and that the rash went away.

Oh, and thank you so so much for your sweet comment on my blogski- It TOTALLY made my day!!

The pictures of miss Gracey are just darling.. she has grown so much!! you really should post more pics of that little face!!

Thoughtful Runner said...

What struck me when we got back home yesterday was Gracey's personality. It isn't as if she hasn't had one....but all of a sudden it just seemed to blossom....and with the suddenness (is that a word) of a small explosion!
As for the mischief.....apparently one more thing that can be inherited. Sometimes I realize how much truth there is in the statement: "Ignorance is bliss" when it comes to kids.
Glad she was feeling so much better when we got home!