Don't Know Where To Start

I keep falling behind in blogging. Sometimes I wonder if I should just give up! Every time I post, there's a good five weeks to catch up on...so each entry is a re-cap rather than daily happenings... or for that matter even weekly happenings. Geesh.

The last post I did was talking about the end of October and all of November. The post before that was our entire summer in one post. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail because too many of my family members COMPLAIN. So. In short.
I put our tree up after our Thanksgiving in Preston Idaho with Topher's family.
This picture is from Nikolaus.
Finals happened. Winter Break came. We went to Temple square with Mum & Sam.
We left for Idaho on the 17th of December and stayed for a week. Did Christmas with them and a day after Christmas party with Sam's kids.
Christmas Day in Idaho. With our matching pj pants from my Mom.
We left two days after Christmas and did Christmas with Topher's parents. Then did Christmas with my Dad and family. And New Years was with the Andersen family.
I'm so sorry this is coming off very impersonal and uncaring. I am feeling pretty hopeless that I'm so behind in updating. This is supposed to be my journal in a way, and I hardly ever write!! And I sure don't write in my regular journal any more than I write here, so, Im just sad that I've done so poorly at making and keeping a record.
I need to be better. I hate New Years resolutions...but maybe this should be an exception and I should make a resolution to write weekly...or at least every other week. Who knows.
At the moment, Grace is sick. She has been since last Friday. She has a fever, sore throat, cough, cold, diarrhea. The whole works. We already went to the hospital, and she wasn't dehydrated, so, all we can do is take care of her at home. But that was Tuesday and it still won't go away!!! Our poor baby. The saddest part is that she tries to be such a trooper but it is so very evident that she is miserable. Oh well. This too shall pass. This is her snuggling her daddy with her two new stuffed teddies the nurses gave her while waiting for labs.
We, or maybe just I, am dreading Monday when Topher goes back to school. Its been so wonderful to have him 24-7 for the past 3 weeks. This semester promises to be even more work than last and that is too overwhelming to even think about.
Aside from Grace being sick...I was able to do actual PIG TAILS on her about a week ago. You may be thinking that this isn't blog worthy...ooooohhh but it is. She has hardly any hair, and what she does have is kinda wispy and not worth mentioning...but I was able to do pig tails the other day. I personally thought it was adorable. Took about 10 pictures of the back of her head.
Anyway. Not really sure what to mention. Too many family members complain about my insanely long posts...so I don't want to do another re-cap that just puts people to sleep. So. yeah. The Christmas holiday was fun, tiring, full of wonderful family, involved sisters, tearful farewells, good food and lots of driving as well as some relaxing.
I'll try to do better at updating more frequently. But as i've said before, no promises here. :)


The Andersens said...

My wifey is the very bestest!!! I love you Alysia! what a wild adventure of a christmas we had! Love You!


I love reading your blog! Dont worry about what people say about it...if your post are too long or too short...or blah blah blah! Do it for yourself and how you'll be happy with it. I am glad to hear that you are all doing well and I hope your little one gets better soon. Take care!

The Simmons Family said...

I love your updates...even if they are far and few between! The long recaps are great too! After about a month of blogging, I started to realize I didn't care what other people thought of my writing, LONG or short, it's MINE and so they can read or not! Just do what makes you happy!! Gracey looks adorable with her piggy tails.

Super Daysh said...

Uhm...I'd rather a long blog post that has all sorts of details instead of a short blog post that just consists of complaining about how other people complain. It's YOUR blog- who cares if people complain. I read it all!! Stinker. And I want more pictures! (yes I'm complaining) tee hee hee. Love the pigtails and the cute little bows in with them. Cute cute! I Love me some topherbugs family!!

rodent said...

I love reading your long posts and finding out what's going on with the the anderson family. And you were right - those pig tails were incredibly cute.

Alyssa Lloyd Moon said...

never stop blogging. :D i love hearing from you. it seems like i never see you at church because we are always so busy with life! anyways- i'm so glad that you and your family had a wonderful time!! :D grace is growing up really fast- she'll be two in march!! crazy!

Mythreesons said...

Bug! It's your blog! You get to write as long winded as your little heart desires. Besides, I only complain when there aren't enough accompanying pictures. And even then... who cares! Write as much and whatever you want and don't worry.
It sure was fun to see you guys over the Christmas break and I am LOVING those little piggy tails! So, so cute!
Sorry Topher is going back to school, but that will just make you appreciate your week down here even more! Can't wait for your visit Bugs!
Oh, and write peppier. Geesh... such a downer of a post ;)

princess jen said...

People are always going to complain no matter what you write, how much you write, or how often you write! The pigtails are darling!! And I just want to note that Grace was also totally spoiled for Nickolaus!! No more giving me a hard time about it anymore! Miss you much and love you more!! (and sorry that topher has to go back... just think, though, he's that much closer to being finished!)

Rachel's Mommy said...

I think your post reflected how Grace must feel! As everyone has said, post for yourself--we all read every word regardless, so you must be doing something right! Hope Gracey (and Rachel, and Ellie, and Caden) all feel better soon! And ANY post is a good post!

Thoughtful Runner said...

Yeah for Buggy....she posted! Good to get even the brief recap - although sorry that Grace still isn't feeling better. Rachel has not had a very good week, either, and we're anxious to get it behind her. As for the hair and the pigtails....we can empathize. But we finally just had it cut...and the bob worked very well!
When you talk about Topher being home all the time, reminds me of when I was in school in Virginia and then had over a month off between the military course and the start of my last two quarters of school. It was nice!
Welcome to the new year - glad we got to spend so much of the holidays with you.

Lady of the Rings said...

Yea for a new post from the Topherbugs! But it was a very dreary one, are you not feeling well either? Sorry the little Gracey is under the weather. It sure was nice to have you here... and i am always ready for more! Nice pictures, and very cute little pigtails, they almost look like the ones I gave you for your first day at kindergarten.... and see what beautiful hair you have now! Have a happy weekend.

Ryan and Hilary said...

You don't worry about what other people say about your posts, if you want to elaborate well then elaborate. I am sorry she is sick that is no fun. I can't believe how big she is, she is so stinkin cute. And I absolutly agree-pigtails are defiantly blog worthy. I still remember the first day I could do a pony tail in my oldests hair. Don't stress about blogging you do what you can handle. Maybe we will see you at cardiology one day.