Clean House!!

Now, you may be thinking that a post about a clean house is not blog worthy...and if that's the case... well then you really don't know me. Because an ENTIRELY clean house...is DEFINITELY blog worthy in my world.
We have been so all over the place since about...mmm....the beginning of Summer??...that our house has dearly suffered the consequences. It has not been completely clean since...well, I can't even remember.
Now, I don't do well with messes. They make me angry, and frustrated and grumpy. So, eventually we always cave in and clean. But, with a problem called "Gracey", we never get further than 1 or 2 rooms....1 or 2 loads of dishes and clothes. The house is always half clean.
Well, this time, we really got down and dirty. We cleaned the WHOLE HOUSE!! BOOM BABY!!
It was wonderful. I am so happy.
So, to document this momentous occasion...I'm blogging about it.
Including pictures.
Don't worry, i'll throw in a cute picture of Grace too. Just for giggles. :)
Would you look at that??? Clean dining room....living room. Ooh! Ooh! And you can see the floor in our bedroom!! The WHOLE floor!! There isn't even a basket of clean clothes waiting to be put away! Go me! Oh! And my desk?! It RARELY gets to be that clean. So nice.

And here is my adorably beautiful baby. She's happy the house is clean too. :)

And....another one. Because I can. And...she's too cute for only one photo of that smile. :)

The great thing about a clean house...is that when I wake up in the morning...I don't have to dread trying to clean my house with my ankle biter. Instead....I can focus on her, and me. And us having a good time together doing things that are way more important than cleaning...like having tickle wars and watching Shrek 4 1/2 times.


Rachel's Mommy said...

Yea! The house looks great! And Grace looks awesome in her Rachel fleece! Maybe even Ellie will wear it one day. Good job on the cleaning!

princess jen said...

Wow! I'm especially impressed with how nice the bathroom looks!! You are such a hard worker. Enjoy your clean house. I always feel so great when the house is clean, a load lifted off my shoulders. I love you!!

Thoughtful Runner said...

Let me help you a bit with the timeline: Would you believe the first time completely clean since you moved in?? And if we go back even further, first time YOUR area was comppletely clean since we moved into the Farmington House??? And since when did a room that would be appropriately nicknamed "Mounds of Clutter/Clothing" or the "Maze" make you frustrated or angry?? For years it was virtually impossible to even ENTER your room! Oh well...congratulations on a clean house. Just think - had you been there when I came by two days ago with fresh lemon meringue pie, you could have even had a witness! All we have now are pictures...which we know can easily be doctored to create an image that my be deceptive!
The question for the week will now be: How long can it last?! :)
Love you! Thanks for cleaning our condo!

Super Daysh said...

WHOA!!! WHAT THE!? I can't believe you can see the WHOLE floor in your room- that truly is cause for celebration. I've never seen that much of your floor. But...you can't see the closet. I'm curious to see how clean THAT part of the house is. ;) The rest looks really clean, I am very impressed!! Joe and I are placing bets on how long it will stay clean now. ;)But go you!

Mythreesons said...

Go you, Bugs! I'm so far away from a clean house right now, it's pathetic. Maybe your post will inspire me to get my butt in gear today... or Mom's visit. Or, maybe I'll leave the mess for Mom to clean up? All the possibilities...
House looks great as does your new background. Very cute!

Joe said...

Holy smokarooneys!

Looks amazing. Especially after seeing how it was before! You should've posted before and afters hehe..

The new blog designins look fabulous too! I didn't believe Daysh when she said you did it! Good work! Keep it up.

Gina and the Gang said...

Congrats on your clean house!!! I think I should stop checking blogs and go do the same!! Gracey looks SOOOOO cute!

Liz said...

way to go, it looks amazing!

rodent said...

I think that's defintely blog worthy! I really like having things clean too - but anyone that really knows me that I hate cleaning more than I like having things clean and therefore I will just avoid the mess and pretend it doesn't exist. That is until I can't take it anymore. :) I'm very impressed with your dedication. And grace looks very cute - did I see pigtails? it doesn't get cuter than that. Hope all is well.

Bev said...

A clean house is ALWAYS blog worthy. Grace is so cute. I enjoy all your updates thanks for sharing Grace with us.

Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

A clean house is definitely blog worthy! I don't even have a child and I can't even keep our apartment "all the way" clean. We always keep the front room and kitchen tidy, but the bathroom/bedroom always seem to have some clutter or a hamper of laundry! Congrats. I'm jealous. I think this may even inspire me to get off my lazy-a and do some cleaning today!

Alyssa Lloyd Moon said...

I love your home! So pretty! I've never been inside.... it is so cute! I love your black piano too... it is gorgeous! So much fun! Gotta love a clean home! ....So, the real question is... why does it never stay that way?

Anonymous said...

Yo! One clean house. I am impressed. Now that I am retired, I can have quality time to read your blog. The photos are great.
Gracey is a doll.

Grandma Atkinson