Priceless....and...a Tag

This morning...Grace looked so so so adorable. She finally fit into the cutest sleeper that my Cousin Christi (Gick) gave her, (thank you SO SO much by the way, i LOVE it) and so I tried for over half an hour to get a 'priceless' picture...I never got the shots I had specifically wanted because Grace would not cooperate...but these few still turned out pretty adorable. Sometimes, you don't find what you were looking for, instead you find something even better. :)

I fall in love every time those big blue eyes look right at me.
This mid-yawn cracked me up so much I had to post it.
This...I know it's kind of a weird shot...but it shows off her killer long eye lashes!! I'm jealous!

And then...although this is out of the blue...I was 'tagged' by my Aunt Kalani...so...here goes

Five things I was doing ten years ago:
1. Probably being beaten up by my big Sister Daysh...she was so mean!! hehe ;)
2. I think I was in...4th grade? 5th maybe? probably playing 'boys chase girls' or something silly like that
3. Playing piano...I love piano. I think I was better when I was 10 then I am now.
4. Reading a TON. My mom used to come in, find me in my closet reading and make me go to bed!
5. Possibly playing over at the Buckley's. They always had a new batch of kittens in the summer time that I would go play with and then bring over to my house, almost always convincing my mom that we needed one. :)

Five things on my To Do list:
1. Clean the car...inside and out. yuck.
2. Write in my journal.
3. My a scrapbook page of Grace.
4. Put boxes of maternity clothes in storage.
5. Take things to the D.I.

Five of my favorite snacks/foods:
1. Apple Juice
2. Lasagna!
3. Neilsen's Frozen Custard Raspberry Brownie Concrete. mmmmm.
4. Salad, with everything on it!
5. Jalapeno Poppers

Five things I would do if I was a billionaire:
1. Buy Grace a new heart. :) And Donate millions to engineering new hearts for thousands of babies.
2. Buy a house in the Southern Avenues, on this street that Topher and I adore. It has trees that canopy the entire street, and old style lamp posts every two houses down. They're old classic beautiful houses. Ooooh, and then I'd install a hot tub, and a sports court.
3. Buy a mini cooper for myself, a VW soft top 23 window van for Topher, and a yellow mustang for my mom :)
4. Go to Cosmetology School, and another University to get a degree in Child Psychology or Elementary Education.
5. Travel with Topher, Grace, my siblings and parents everywhere: Disney World, a Cruise, Europe, Australia...EVERYWHERE
wow...that question really made me with I was filthy rich!! haha

Five bad habits:
1. Biting my nails
2. Surfing the internet for loooong periods of time
3. Procrastinating
4. Snacking incessantly on Nilla Cakesters. mmmm yum.
5. Leaving a trail of mess everywhere I go.

Five places I have lived:
5.Virginia...i think.

Five people I tag:
1. Emily
2. Dacia
3. Jen
4. Karen, and Dad too...if he will
5. Alan
But I also want to tag a bunch of our heart friends...I think it's good to do fun things like 'tags' every once and a while. To get your mind out of the hospital grind!!


Super Daysh said...

I already told you this, but will tell you again so you feel really stupid. Cosmotology school? Seriously?! Ridiculous. Anywho. Liked your blog and the cute pics of Grace- she is a cutie! I'm excited to see her tonight (even if I can only look at her from a distance). Love you guys! Oh and I can't wait for you to get filthy rich so you will take me all over the world. ;)

Mythreesons said...

yeah... get filthy rich for all of us. Sounds good to me. And Dacia's comment sounds really ridiculous when you realize she can't even SPELL cosmetology... personally, I would have LOVED that... seriously. And it would have been so much cheaper than law school...*sigh.* I love that you're updating regularly!

Simmons Family: said...

Those eyes are heart melting!!!

aj said...

Once again, darling pictures!! Yes, folks, Grace's eyes really are THAT big and beautiul! :)

It was fun to read more about your favorite things and such, Alysia! Toph's turn, right?!


Bev said...

Shes so dang cute. thanks for sharing her. My girls love itand pray for her almost evry night. I forget to good thing they remember. I love the lashes.

The Andersens said...

you are my favorite person in the WHOLE world EVER. i think you make the world a BETTER place. every single day. you make me emotional with your amazingness.
you're awesome alysia.
p.s. I forgot my password...that's why i'm commenting under your name...

kalani said...

Cosmetology school was great not ridiculous and I think you would do awesome. Thanks for doing the Tag it was fun to learn more about you. I want to go hiking with you guys sometime soon. We will call you when we plan our next hike maybe next weekend.
Grace is adorable and I am so glad you post so many pics of her. I wish I could hold her all the time. You inspire me and I totally appreciate my healthy kids more because of the strength you have.
Aunt Kalani

Carl & Karen said...

You are a sly one, deleting my post and that cute picture of Rachel. I hope you learned a valuable lesson!


princess jen said...

Hey...I wanted to comment on the post that Karen left!

As for cosmetology school... I think you would do wonderfully. And I also think that people should not dismiss it so easily. Cutting hair well is a lot more difficult than one would think, judging by how many bad haircuts I've gotten vs. how many good ones!

The Butcher Family said...

LOVE the pictures of Grace & her big beautiful blue eyes! I have something that I would like to send her...from Annabelle. Could you email me with an address where I may mail it?

Heart hugs~ Rebecca

aj said...

okay . . . am I the only one who's still checking the blog four times a day?! Ha ha!!

I want more PHOTOS!!! I need my fill of Grace, please :)

Alan J said...

Cute pics. I never realized i had been tagged. Oops.