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Grace has been acting uncharacteristically fussy and irritable, not to mention not sleeping well but always being exhausted, and also not eating that well. We decided that when she went in for her Dr. appointment today that we would ask them if they thought anything might be wrong.
Since I needed to be home at exactly the same time as her appt. to accept a special delivery, Grace's Grandma Andersen was sweet enough to go to the hospital with Topher to help take care of Grace. Dr. Everitt checked her out and after noticing a fever and also her irritablity, decided to admit her over night. They want to get an echo with her sedated tomorrow, and they already took a bunch of blood samples, an x-ray and they also are doing a urine and stool sample. I guess they think she may have some sort of virus, or possibly a urine infection. I secretly hope that something is wrong, so that we can fix it and she can return to her happy usual self. It would be kind of upsetting to learn that she's just getting permanently grumpy.
We'll be staying over night with her and her echo should be some time tomorrow in the early afternoon. i would post some pictures, but my lap top won't let me. i'll post more later when I have more news.
please pray for Grace that all goes well. and that whatever is bothering or hurting her is something than can be fixed. we love you all and are grateful for all the love and support!!
love the Andersens


kalani said...

Poor little Grace. So much in such a short time. I hope they do find something that they can fix and make her feel better. She is always in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Auntie Kalani

aj said...
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aj said...

Wow . . . okay, we're all so used to the "holding steady" posts that it's hard to get these reality checks of Grace still being so fragile.

I do know how it feels to want them to find something that's "easy to fix" like a simple infection or virus, that will pass. With Grace I'm sure that hope it a billion times stronger - just praying it's unrelated to her heart.

I'm really glad she's in the hospital overnight. That's a good place for her to be monitored.

Good luck, dear friends. We love you guys, and little Grace!!

We'll be praying like crazy!!

princess jen said...

I'm glad I got to call you today! Anya prayed lots today for Gracey (and so did I!)

Simmons Family: said...

Good luck with the echo tomorrow... I'm praying for a good result. Isn't it funny how we pray that they find something wrong so that we know it can be fixed?

I am glad you are taking precautions by staying in the hospital tonight.


Super Daysh said...

We love little Gracey and pray for her all the live-long day! We hope all will go well. Hugs and Kisses!

Mythreesons said...

Hey Little Bug! We're saying some extra prayers for you. Hang in there... I'm sure she won't be permanently grumpy... how could she with Topher as a Dad? Keep us posted!