So...I went to my Birthing Class last night and I just gotta say...I do NOT want to let this baby out!!!
It gave me chills and I think I worried my teacher because every time she looked at me I was cringing in disgust.
Ewwwwwwwwww. WAy too much blood and hair and nasty and those babies....they so totally do not look like babies when they come out!!! What's up with that?!!! The're supposed to come out beautiful and clean. Not all slimy and white and sticky. Gross.
This baby can just stay inside and that would be fine with me. I will deal with the kicking and punching and hiccups at 2 in the morning. But she's not coming out!!!
The weird thing...is that my husband is super queasy. And we've both talked about how we think he may pass out when I have the baby (which i'm not anymore!!)...but yesterday...during the videos...he wasn't ghostly pale and aghast....he was in awe!! He thought it was cool!! He looked at me wide eyed and said "Wow! That is so cool!"
What's the matter with him???!!!
Anyway...I know this baby is going to be really sweet and beautiful...so....any takers on who wants to give birth to her???


princess jen said...

You won't even notice the mess because you'll be so excited to meet Sophie! I always thought the birth movies were interesting. It's cool how something that big comes out. It's amazing how Heavenly Father made our bodies perfectly, just so we could do that and that we can feed our babies too! That being said, it did hurt a lot!

Toshander said...

no. its not cool. its gross. this is the only thing of Heavenly Father's plan that I just don't get. I don't understand how it could possibly be considered beautiful. I'm ugly down there!! Everyone is ugly down there!! And something slimy and gross coming out of there is ugly!!! yuck yuck yuck.

Mythreesons said...

I'm totally with you bugs. But, I had three so somehow I got through it. You are honestly in so much pain, that you won't even care or notice. it's not like you see all the ick. And they are worth it. Just picture how perfect my little Caden is!

Sara & Company said...

Silly Buggy! I used to think before I even ever thought about being a doula and way before I ever started having kids that how horrible it was that we had to work so hard and so long to get a baby out. My mom totally changed that perspective for me when she made the oh so optimistic comment that she always thought how wonderful that after only 9 months of being pregnant and after only a few hours of hard work (usually), we get to have our sweet baby with us. And really, she will be the most beautiful thing in the world to you when she comes out.....and it will only get better from there!

We definitely need to talk. I can't wait! But I was wondering if we could change from the 23rd? My mom is actually going to be able to help watch kids so that Jason and I can go on a day long date....which doesn't happen much around here! Give me a call when you get a minute. Maybe we could do that Friday but I might have to bring the kids. Thanks, Bug!

Super Daysh said...

Ya, I'm with Emily. GROSSS! Ha ha, sucks to be you. You have to squeeze it out all by yourself and it's gonna hurt. Pain killers will sound really good after a few big contractions. Tee hee hee. I'm SO not jealous. HA! I'm sure baby "x" will be really cute though. And I'm sure you'll pick a new name for her one of these days.