It's a Girl!!

I had my big ultrasound yesterday. I was lucky enough to have my adorable husband there as well as my sweet Mom. Topher's parents came too and that was not as uncomfortable as I had feared! Instead it was actually really sweet to see how excited they both were. I know it was really special for them.
I will post the ultrasound pictures tonight sometime. But I thought I'd write out the blog now.
Baby girl looks adorable and happy. She moved around stretching her arms and legs against my tummy. She waved at us once or twice. Gave us a thumbs up sign once. Hid from us numerous times. And laid on her side with her hand under her head. She looked adorable and healthy!
Topher and I went out to Old Navy last night and Topher spent 50$ on ADORABLE baby clothes. We bought a little dress, two shirts, a courduroy skirt and the cutest winter coat for her first winter. Topher then took me out to dinner to celebrate baby girl! It was a lot of fun.
This morning, I went through the box of baby clothes mom brought me and I couldn't stop smiling. There were outfits I've seen me wearing in different pictures. And maybe even a few I've seen on Dacia in pictures. It was so special to think that my little girl will get to be in some of those same outfits!!
Before I left for work, I watched the Ultrasound video we'd gotten. It was fun because it was just 5 minutes of her moving around, stretching and some cute profile shots. When we did the 30 minute ultrasound it turned out that the video hadn't been working!! So they did a second ultrasound just for a couple minutes so I could get some baby girl on tape. All in all, it was a great morning.
Then...I came to work and got a call from my Dr. saying that the Ultrasound technician thought something might be amiss with the baby's heart. I have to go in and see a specialist in Ogden. I guess he's really hard to see, especially with the Holidays next week. So my appointment with him is November 27th. I have no idea what they'll find or say, my Dr. didn't really give me a lot of information. But, either way, no matter what happens, she really is a beautiful happy little baby. I just know it.
Since mostly it's just my family that reads this, please pray for Topher's and my little baby girl. Just pray for her health and for her to be happy. That would be wonderful. I know everything will be just fine if she is in everyone's prayers.
I love you all!
Thank you for the prayers that I know are already coming in our direction!


Super Daysh said...

I'm sure everything will be fine. The Lord will watch over you and your little one. I just know it. We will definitely keep you in our prayers though.

princess jen said...

I love you Buggy!! And your little Bella.

Mythreesons said...

She'll be just fine... I know it! They actually sent Jaxon for a special ultrasound too, because the doctor wanted to safe better than sorry. But we'll be praying for you!

Sara & Company said...

Congratulations!!! Girls are so fun. And how fun is it to see Topher so excited. That is too darling! I was "perma-grin" for days after I found out. We will for sure keep your sweet girl in our prayer. Congrats!