Bond's Arch Enemy!!

I saw this post on Alan's blog and had to of course do it seeing as how I'm slightly obsessed with James Bond. Muahaha. I all the sudden feel like a guilty person though. I can't believe I betrayed Bond!

Your Score: Alec Trevelyan

You scored 50 Size, 44 Evilness, 72 Charm!

Traitor! You were once good, but became corrupt and have the ability bring others your way. You are a great foe and on the MI6 top 10 list. A character similar to you would be Alec Trevelyan aka 006, prior to your default to the other side you were Bond's partner. Now your plans to get revenge on your former employers will surely bring the world to its knees. You have the qualities required for an MI 6 agent, but your susceptbility to corruption and evil tendencies makes you a potential risk.

Link: The James Bond Personality Test written by squee8174 on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test

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Alan J said...

Told ya you were a traitor! Thanks for coming to dinner last night, that was fun!