Tag Game...I hate/heart

So...I decided that Emily's game sounded kinda fun and that I wanted to play along...so...I believe it's 5 things I love and 5 things I hate... right?
Well...that's what I'll do.

I heart...

1. I love my husband. He is wonderful. He treats me like a princess. He cleans the house for me, empties the garbage, gives me back rubs, plays with my hair, loves and cuddles me and is simply the most wonderful husband in the whole world.

2. Kittens, puppies....pretty much anything that I can hold in my arms. I love kittens and puppies because of how soft and cuddly they are, and how they fit in my hands and lick my fingers. I always loved when my cat fell asleep right next to my head at night and I woke up with him on my head. It was so fun and I always felt like there was a little person with me.

3. Babies. I probably love these right now, because I don't/can't have one. I'm sure that once I have one...this opinion will change. But for now, I love babies. I think about babies and relate every object to how it would accomodate a baby. I love how cute they are when they giggle and yawn and hiccup. I love babies!

4. Water. This includes, but is not limited to, pools, lakes, showers, and especially rain and waterfalls. I love rainstorms and when the rain is pouring down but it's still warm outside. I love to swim and the smell of chlorine. I love to sit and look at a beautiful waterfall and listen to the water hit the rocks below.

5. My Family. I absolutely love my family. I love my sisters, (this includes you Jen). They are my best friends. I love to shop with them, talk with them and mostly just be with them. I love my big brother, he always makes me laugh and is so oblivious to any drama or fights that are happening. He'll always tease me no matter whose mad at me. I love my mom. She is always there for me and such an amazing best friend. I love my dad. He is so smart and I look up to him in so many ways. I love my neice and nephews, they are such fun little kids and they're always smiling. I love Sam and Karen because they are different from my familiy. So when I get sick of my family, they're a nice break. ;) I also love them because of how happy they make Mum and Dad. And I of course love my brother in-laws too. They are funny. But I like them less than everyone else cuz they stole my sisters from me.
My family is so important to me and I could never be happy without them.

I hate...

1. This one is a tie between traffic jams and grumpy old people. Traffic sucks. I get grumpy, and hot because my car has no a/c and I always get road rage and end up yelling. Old people are just deceiving. I always think that old people are supposed to be jolly. But then, out of NO WHERE, they snap at you or cuss at you. And then you have a horrible day.

2. Cops. Most of them, maybe not all of them, but MOST of them, are cocky and rude. They think that they have authority to do anything and everything, and if that includes talking down to you, yelling and you and in some cases beating you, then so be it!! Well I say that they stink. And they eat too many donuts.

3. House work. I hate how I clean and clean and clean and do laundry, and more laundry, do dishes, and more dishes...and yet the pile is never gone. There is always more laundry, more cleaning and more dishes to do...it is never-ending and I HATE it.

4. Fighting. I hate to fight. I hate fighting with my sisters, with my mom, with my husband, with people at work. I just hate to think someone I care about is upset with me. ...fighting with people that are stupid on the other hand...like people at STC...that on the other hand is just fun.

5. Hunting. I HATE people who kill things for FUN. I think it is cruel and heartless. They shoot animals that are beautiful and peaceful, and most of all NOT HURTING THEM AND SMALLER THAN THEM, AND... they do it just to have a set of antlers on their wall! GRRRRRRR!!!!!!


princess jen said...

Did you get beat up by a cop or something? Maybe you need to eat more donuts..... Just kidding! By the way, my dad has antlers on his wall and I thought you liked him too. But we eat all the food he shoots. Anyway, I liked reading all the stuff you wrote. Thank you for including me. I love you so much!! I heart you!!

Mythreesons said...

You deserve tickets... nobody gets a ticket unless they've earned one!! And my husband is a cop!!! stinker. Thanks for playing along, though... that was a fun game and thanks for finally updating! I told you I read them without pictures! Love you bug!

Joe said...

you hate me less!?

and yes I agree grumpy old people are mean.