My Daddy!

So...since i'm the most horrible daughter in the WHOLE WORLD....I wanted to do this to make sure my Dad knew that I really do love him so so much. And just because I'm a forgetful, bad, horrible daughter doesn't change the fact that he's a wonderful Dad.
I'm so sorry DAddy!!! Will you PLEASE forgive me?!!!

Anyway...I thought this might be fun to do the same questions as Dacia did on her blog...

Question #1: What is a favorite dish your Dad makes (or what has he ever cooked)?

Well...My Dad wasn't really one for cooking. Especially since my mom is such a darn good cook...But, like Dacia, I too remember his Spanish rice...that was the famous Daddy meal, and it was good...But along with that, was his specialty macaroni and and cheese. He'd put in ham chunks, cream of mushroom soup and stewed tomatoes. That was pretty yummy. And then there's always his grilling. I love when my Daddy grills stuff!! He grills some of the best steak and chicken I've ever had!! I remember numerous times back in Farmington when he would grill and there would never be enough meat because EVERYONE wanted seconds.

Question #2: If you could describe your dad in one word, what would it be?

I really don't know. There's a lot of words that would describe him. He has so many different qualities, some of them complete opposites from one another. He can be so wonderful and sweet, and other times he can be hard and mean. ;) Probably a lame word, but, I think that my dad is dedicated. Whether it's dedicated to being a good dad, to fixing a mistake, to doing his job perfectly, to being the straight A student, or to winning at a game of "oh Heck" he's dedicated.

Question #3: What is a time where you remember laughing with your dad?

I can't exactly remember a specific time laughing with him. You don't get a real laugh out of him very often though. He'll smile and kinda chuckle, but the real laughs are hard to come by. Like Dacia said though, they're really fun to hear. He's got a fun laugh. He laughs a lot with Rachel, when she does funny things and such.

Question #4: Share an experience where your dad made your life better.

There are so many! He pays for my schooling, he paid for my wedding, he always took the family to explore the world! It was so much fun to travel with the family, and I know I'd never have gotten to do all that traveling if it wasn't for my DAd. He also instilled a love of music into me. I never wouldv'e played piano as much as I did, or at all, if it wasn't for my DAd. I know I never would've wanted to compete in a Scholarship pageant without that talent either. I also love to sing, and although that's something given to me by both my mom and dad, I always loved to listen to my DAd sing.

Question #5: Share an experience where your DAd got really mad at you.

Yeah, kinda the same as Dac...there are a lot. But that's mostly cuz i was stupid and a difficult child. I would've gotten mad at me too. Probably one of the worst, that I remember, was when I failed a class in Junior high, and got a couple D's and C's on my report card. He was pretty mad at me. And rightly so.

Question #6: Share an experience where you gained a deeper love and appreciation for your dad.

One that immediately comes to mind is one Christmas, when he wrote me a poem, it was about being a bug. It was so sweet, and it reminded me how much my Dad really loves me. Sometimes I read it and feel like I really am "Daddy's little girl". Another experience that was really special, I remember on Rachel's baby blessing, my DAd got up and bore his testimony. That meant more to me than anything he's ever done. It was so special to me, and I loved him more than I ever had before. Hearing him say how much he loved his kids and how much they meant to him, that was definitely very important for me.

Question #7: What is one of your favorite things to do with your dad?

I like to play games with him. I love to go hiking or camping or kayaking with him. I also remember when he used to have work things at our house, and he would always make me play piano for his friends/co-workers. It was like he was showing me off. That was pretty cool. :)
I just like when he spends quality time with me. Which is a lot more now that it ever has been. So spending time with him at his house with him and his little family is a lot of fun for me.

I love my Dad so much. He really is so special to me. In the past couple years, as hard as they have been, he has changed so so much. He was never ever a bad dad, ever...but, he's definitely a better Dad now that he ever has been. I look up to him in a lot of ways. I admire his courage, and determination. I also think he is one of the smartest people I know. I love him so much and I'm so sorry I forgot to call and say Happy Father's Day.
So happy belated Father's Day Daddy!!
I love you!!

Love buggy


Super Daysh said...

Yes, yes. You are a BAD daughter. Lucky for you, you were never the favorite so you didn't drop much in his "esteem". ;-)
I liked your memories. I couldn't think of specifics when I wrote mine (probably because CSI was on in the background). See you Thursday!!

Mythreesons said...

I agree... you are the worst daughter. I'm definitely daddy's favorite, and now deservedly so...I transferred the money for you! Love you little bugs, even if you are a rotten daughter;)