Sweet Gracie Gledhill

The amazing Gledhill family is most likely letting their sweet little baby girl go today. They have tried everything, and to no avail. The Berlin heart is no longer an option for her, she cannot receive a new heart, and her little heart is just not strong enough to come off ecmo.
This sweet family has tried everything, and has watched their little girl fight with all her might through it all.
They posted last night, saying today would be the day they let their children say goodbye, and then they would do the same. They will be donating any healthy organs. What a sweet sacrifice, although it does break my heart that this will shorten their time to just hold her. My heart aches for them. This family is just so amazing to me. They are so strong and faithful. Such an uplifting example to all of us. I will be eternally grateful to this family and especially little Gracie's fighting spirit, and the impact they have had on my testimony, and on so many hundreds of others.
Please pray for this family continually today. They need all the love, comfort, peace and strength possible today.
All our love,
the andersens


aj said...

I haven't been able to stop crying for more than 10 minutes at a time today . . .

Liz said...

you're so sweet. my heart goes out to the family. thanks for bringing attention to all the other families out there that need our prayers.