"Goodnight Gracie"

11 month old Gracie Gledhill said 'goodnight' to her family last night. She is an amazing little girl, and has touched so many lives with her own. Her family continues to be strong and faithful, and will be an example of courage to so many, especially in this difficult time. Tom Gledhill, Gracie's Dad, has written a very sweet post to say goodbye to his sweet angel Gracie, and it is very worth reading, to gain his insight, and also to say a few words to this sweet family, who although they are showing strength, and sharing testimony, must undoubtedly be going through much pain as well.
Please say a prayer for Gracie and her sweet family today.


Anonymous said...

We have been praying for Gracie and the Gledhill family. We have followed their ups and downs. I remember the day we were at primary and saw that there were two Graces.

We will continue to pray--
G and G Atkinson

Holly said...

What a horrible thing for a family to have to go through, it's so sad! :(

Sara and Company said...

That just breaks my heart.....how hard this must all be.

Chris & Nikki said...

We are praying for your sweet family. We have been following your blog and have been forever touched by your beautiful spirits and little girl. You are in our prayers.

Chris and Nikki Davis

The Stewart's said...

I know this does not have to do with your post, but we didn't want to wait for an update. We wanted to wish Grace a Happy Birthday on her birthday! Alex misses her and wanted to send a hello to Grace. I hope you and her had a great day celebrating a very special 1st Birthday! Heart hugs - The Stewart's.

PS. Alex now has a blog (alexanderstewart.blogspot.com)