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I realize it's been a while since we last posted, but I have to say that I don't like posting without pictures...and when you lose your camera charger, that makes pictures not very possible.

Sorry. Anywho...on the note of how our little Gracey is doing...she's doing great!! I guess no news is good news!
She has been steadily gaining weight each week. Last Thursday at her appt. she was 9lbs. 14 oz. So almost 10 lbs. She is still in the low 10th percentile, but hey, look at her parents, what were you expecting??
Also at her last appointment they noticed that her sats had declined to mid/low 70s instead of mid/high 80s. So, they told us to keep an extra close watch on her sats because they may need to do another cath lab in the near future to balloon open part of heart. This is being caused by the fact that Grace is growing out of the Pulmonary Artery bands that were placed in her first surgery, thus restricting how much blood gets to her lungs and back into her heart.
Hopefully this procedure won't be necessary, but if it is, we can get through it, and we'll be especially comforted in knowing that its not another heart surgery, its just the Cath Lab, which is not fun, but much less frightening than heart surgery.
So that's all the medical updates I have.
However, some fun personal updates on Grace is that her personality is really starting to come out. She smiles a lot more now and is finally starting to trust us enough that she doesn't scream every time we move her anymore. She still loves to be held and cuddled and once she wakes up at 7am she expects to be put in bed with us before she'll go back to sleep. She sleeps really well, eats really well and we feel EXTREMELY blessed for it.
She is such an angel and we're only more in love with her every single day.
A note on Alysia and Topher, we're doing great. Topher is going to school, just one class for Summer Semester. He's still in the Navy, however that doesn't require much...in fact, in requires nothing but going to school for another 2 -1/2 years. So, he is doing great just being able to focus on school and family.
I am trying to get back in shape after baby, and so I'm currently training to do a Triathlon!! (Note: a SPRINT Triathlon-a little over half the olympic distances) Siblings, you can now laugh, like I know you already are. But! I am excited and am mainly doing it to try and get in shape, and hopefully somewhere in there have fun. Yesterday was my first time trying out my new Training Schedule, running kicks my butt, but something I never thought I'd have a hard time with was the bike!! Topher bought me a new bike, a very nice Triathlon road bike. Holy cow!! Those things are IMPOSSIBLE to ride. I crashed. Bad. And it hurt. I have cuts and bruises all along my left side. :( But I'll get better at it!! I hope. ;)
Anyway...that's us. We're doing well and feeling EXTREMELY blessed that Grace is doing so well. That's not to say it's easy having her, I think we're definitely being stretched to our personal abilities, but let's just say I'm grateful Heavenly Father doesn't find me competent to handle more stress and trials than we already are.
We love you all and are grateful for your continued prayers and support of us.
Please if you could, keep the other little heart babies in your prayers, they all have their own difficulties and trials and could use all the prayers they can get.
Love the Andersens
(p.s. sorry for the bad picture quality...they're off my phone!!)
(oh, oh, and Mommy!!! I MADE that head band!!! aren't you proud?!!)


Mythreesons said...

a new post! Hooray! What cute pictrures and I'm super impressed that you made that headband yourself! I love that little face and her sweet little smile. And yeah... I'm totally laughing about the triathalon bit, but also kinda jealous. I wish I had someone to train with me just for a stupid 5K but noone will...:(
Anyways, I'm glad she seems to be doing well. She's still continually in our prayers.
Also, the family that I posted about on my blog... would you leave them a comment? They need the love, not me. And I also learned that they donated her heart... you might have some sweet perspective for them on their sacrifice... anyways, only if you're comfortable. Love you Bugs and love when you update!

Lady of the Rings said...

What a cute little Grace... she seems to like her new headband too, judging by the big smile. Yes, I am very impressed by your craftyness. That is one big flower, but looks very cute with the outfit. I am glad you are all doing so well. I am excited to be seeing you again soon. All my love, Mum

ajfinn . . . said...

Oh, wow, totally totally cute!!! Camera phone or not, that baby of yours is a supermodel :)

Auntie Amy

Super Daysh said...

FINALLY! It's about time stinker head. Those are the cutest little pictures of Grace! She is getting cuter and cuter every day, especially now that she's not always crying and scowling! ;) Thanks for the update and good luck with your training...really. :)

Carl & Karen said...

Those pictures are the best! Thanks for a long-awaited post--the natives were getting restless!

Carl & Karen said...


Just read your post to Emily's friend--it was perfect. You never cease to amaze me.


princess jen said...

You did a great job on the headband and I'm sure that if you stick to your schedule that you will kick butt in the triathlon!!

The Andersens said...

awwww...you guys are so sweet!! i have the bestest family EVER!! thanks guys! love you all a ton!

kalani said...

Thanks for the update and the cute pictures. I wish I would have been able to talk to you more when I saw you last week. I am so glad you are doing okay. You are an amazing person. Good luck with the triathlon. I have been wanting to do one too. We love you guys.