Cath Day

So tomorrow we go in for Gracey's Cath Lab appointment.  Starting at midnight tonight, she can't have anymore milk, and after 4a.m. she can't even have water anymore.  Luckily we're the first appointment of the day, bright and early and 6 a.m.  And if all goes well, no complications, she'll only have to be in recovery for 4-6 hours and we can come back home!!

Pray that all goes well!! Please!!!
We don't want her to have to spend a night in the hospital!! Its too wonderful having her home and we are too selfish and have been too blessed to revert back to hospital stays just yet!! :)
Anyway...today Gracey had a GREAT day.  She woke up at 11, smiling and happy.  Then we drove to Liberty Park to meet up with Karen and Rachel, (my Dad's wife and my little half sister).  We had a fun picnic and Grace was more than content being held on Karen's lap for a good hour.  Then she took a nap in my Snugli while we walked around the fun little "7 Canyons Fountain".  The weather wasn't too hot, there was a nice breeze, I took my shoes off and walked all over the fountains while she just snuggled on me and napped.  Topher met up with us as well and we just had a fun afternoon safe in the sun. :)
She's eaten well, slept well.  I couldn't ask for more. 
Also, her Great Aunt Amy got to meet her today and hold her.  We were so glad because Amy has kind of been Gracey's biggest fan ever!! The first to comment on our blogs, even if they were posted at 2 in the morning!! She has been so generous and concerned, not to mention prayerful and supportive in our behalf at all times!! Thanks Amy! Gracey loved you holding her!
Thanks everyone so much for your prayers on our behalf.  We feel so blessed and lucky that Grace is doing so well.  She is so blessed and as healthy as can be (given the circumstances).  We love her and are so so grateful for every day we are blessed with her and her sweet spirit. 
If you remember, please please pray for some of the other little heart babies.  Some of them are trying so hard to get through some big hurdles, and need all the prayers they can get!!
Love you all!! Thanks for your prayers!


kalani said...

I am so glad to hear that she had a great day today. I love that park. We used to go feed the ducks there all the time when we lived down south. I would love to hold her again. I bet she has changed so much since I last held her. She is such a doll and we all just adore her here in our house. I am always telling everyone what a cute little baby you have. She is always in our prayers and will be even more so tonight and tomorrow. Thanks for always inspiring me to be a better mom. I love you guys. Kalani

VAC Andersen Family said...

We love you Grace, and your Mommy and Daddy. You are blessed to have such great parents! We are praying like crazy and are confident all will go well.
Love you all.
Grandma A

Gourley Family said...

We will send prayers your way! Know we are thinking about you guys today!
Heart hugs,
The Gourleys

Gourley Family said...

We will send prayers your way! Know we are thinking about you guys today!
Heart hugs,
The Gourleys

ajfinn said...

You're right, Great Auntie Amy is her biggest fan (er, I think we ALL are!) I'm wearing my GO GRACE GO t-shirt today, and waving my GRACE IS #1 banner so she'll know how much I love her while she's in the cath lab.

I left in happy tears after holding Grace yesterday. She's so, so small and I wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home with me. But no one can be a better mommy to her than you, Alysia. And Toph, you made me smile - that look on your face made me more certain than ever that you would lay your own life down for that sweet baby of yours. You remind me so much of your dad, and men just don't come any better than you two.

Grace is one lucky (baby) chick. I can hardly wait to see her again! You've GOT to find a way to photograph those beautiful lashes she has. And with two blondies for parents, how did she get such dark hair?! There couldn't be a prettier, more wide eyed baby in all the world!

And her scowls and pouts, cutest expresions ever!!

Oh, I'm in love :)

Simmons Family: said...

Good luck with your Cath Grace!! I wish say prayers and be patiently awaiting an update. I hope all goes well.

Hugs to that beautiful little girl!


Sara & Company said...

Hope everything went well today. Cute Grace....they shouldn't have to go through all of this. Thinking of you!