A bit of Relief

The X-Ray was clear! We went in to the pediatrician's office yestruday and they checked over grace, said that there was blood in her stool. They ran an x-ray however and said that her intestines looked good, so the dreaded NEC has not returned! yea! The blood though, seems to be from an intolerance to dairy? So no more ice cream for Alysia. The Doctors orders where to just wait and watch and hope that if we eliminate all dairy products the blood will go away.


Christi Ann said...

Awww, she's lactose intolerant like me! :D
It happens.
I am very glad though that it was that stomach disease again. I hope you are doing well missy. Remember I am always here for you to talk to!!! Love you all and miss you tons!

-Christi Ann

Our Family . . . said...

Oh good, nothing too serious - hopefully :)

There is so much to figure out with any newborn, but you've been baptized by fire, my friend.

We all respect and admire how well you and Toph have been dealing with all this.

Love you guys,

Simmons Family: said...

Such a relief!! YEAH!!

Anonymous said...

You are so tough and brave! One more hurdle. We can hardly wait to see her when she gets blessed in just a few days.


G and G Atkinson

GICK said...

Congratulations!!! I am so relieved, and glad that things are going well at home. I know it must be more comfortable for you to be in your own home with little Grace. I hope and pray for her continued health and strenght. Love Christi

lizzieluvin said...

that's great news! i'm grateful that things are good enough for her to be home. i'm keeping you guys in my prayers! love you!

princess jen said...

Thank you again Topher for being such an amazing tour guide! It was so fun to see Sweet's again. All the kids had such a wonderful time.
Buggy--you look FABULOUS! So skinny and happy and such a good mommy.
And sweet little Gracey, I love your eyes. I wish I could have snuggled you!!

Gourley Family said...

I am so happy to hear you guys are home! Way to go Grace! Hopefully things will work out and I am sorry Alysia that there is no more ice cream for you!(I gave up chili, which was hard but not as hard as ice cream would have been!) LOL
Hugs and prayers,

The Brown Family said...

I'm so glad to hear that Grace is ok!! We're cheering for her here in Eagle Mountain. Loves from her Chinese hospital mate, Kai.
Love, Kim Brown

kristen said...

Very relieved to hear that she is OK. The same thing happened with Vinny. I had to give up ALL dairy for 3 months! When your favorite food is ice cream, not so fun, but we made it. I slowly introduced dairy back into my diet and he did just fine. He hasn't had any sensitivity issues since. Hope all is going well at home :) We love you guys!
The Atkinson's

Alison (Abby's Mom) said...

I just stumbled on your blog and want you to know that I am adding your Grace to my prayers. I have 17 month old daughter with HLHS, and both my girld has extremely bad dairy intolerance. It makes things extra difficult. Our family will be thinking of you.

-Alison (Abby's Mom)