The much needed update...

Yes...Its true...we have not posted in a long time.
That's cuz Topher distracts me too much. If I'm not at work...I'm being cuddled...or kissed...or groped or something else inappropriate...and sometimes cooking food, or doing laundry, therefore making it nigh impossible for me to update this here blog.
So...A couple weekends ago we went to Mum and Sam's with Dac, Joe, Alan & Jen...it was lots of fun and we missed mom so much we went back up for Mother's Day! It was a while ago, so I don't feel the need to give much detail on it. Mom did give me a wonderful massage, and we flew kites with Alan & Joe, we even got mom to fly a kite...quite a sight to behold. :)
Topher and I finally got a computer!! Yay!! Now we can have internet access outside of work! We also have just about used up all our gift cards to bed bath and beyond, so our house is chalked full of kitchen utilities and our walls are getting some decoration on them.

School is finally over!! yay!! End of semester was last tuesday! Although this was a wonderful wonderful thing, I'm not sure how wonderful it will be when my grades come...so...I will soak in the wonderful-ness until then. Topher and I were so sick of school and work that we decided we needed a break to reward ourselves for our hard work in school..(or at least thinking about working hard). So, we decided to take a relaxing road trip to see Emily, Jared and the boys...anything but relaxing! (jk em...there was SOME relaxation)
To start off with, I surprised Topher by taking him to Anniversary Inn...we had a gift certificate from our wedding and I thought now was as good a time as any to use it. We stayed in the Caribbean Sea Cave and it was so so neat!! The murals were amazing and the room was just a blast. We were leaving for Colorado the next morning, and wanted to milk the room for all it was worth, so we stayed up until 2:30 in the morning watching movies, playing games, pouring WAY too much bubble bath in the jetted tub and eating cheese cake. :) THAT was fun. The next morning we went and did sealings in the Logan Temple, (so amazing) and afterwards we headed for Colorado.
By day, Topher entertained the boys all day every day, and I helped Em around the kitchen and went shopping. :) And by night, we played games with Em and Jared and watched Gilmore Girls. :) (Topher is so patient with me. :)
We flew kites with the boys, and even got a reluctant Jared to try it..(he was reluctant for about 10 seconds and then had fun!) Emily tried it too...she was cute...but not very sucessful. :) Definitely NOT her fault, the wind was CRAZY! It somersaulted Topher, dragged him from one end of the field to the other, picked me up and threw me to the ground, face first, with a Topher on top of me!
Jared and Em also treated us to Johnny Carino's...oh so yummy...and played Settlers of Zarahemla with us a couple nights.
We had a ton of fun and I am now officially in love with someone (as much if not more ;) than Topher)...baby Caden.
He is by far, the sweetest baby ever. Aaron is just as adorable!!!...but Caden is calm and peaceful and just lets me cuddle him non stop. I wanted to squeeze him til' his head popped off...probably a bad idea...But the thought crossed my mind none the less.
Topher and I officially want a baby...NOW. jk...sorta
So, we were in Colorado Wednesday through Sunday, and when we came home, it was to a lovely toilet papered apartment!!! courtesy of Dad and Karen..and I'm sure Rachel was in on it too...
Furthermore, this was topher's last week at Sweet Candy with me, and now he's leaving to be a lab rat and work at the Huntsman Cancer Institute!
Everyone call and wish him luck that he doesn't blow anything up! And everyone be prepared to see a lot more of Buggy!! Deprived of my husband, I will most likely be lonely and obnoxious, and in need of constant surveillance and visitation by my family!! :)
We love you all lots and want to see most of you!!! (not you dac...you stink...hehe just kidding! i miss you tons!)
I hope everyone is doing well and missing us as much as we do you!


Super Daysh said...

Why you be so mean to a daysh? She be so cute and adorable... Fine. I don't want to see you either. Remember how you wanted to come over this weekend cause Topher's brother will be occupying his time? Ya, well tough! We don't want you either.
Punk face.

Mythreesons said...

it's about time! What a fun update, bugs! but you need to find you USB cable... not ubs cable, silly. How's topher liking being a lab rat?Thanks again for coming out. The boys still talk about your visitn. They love you guys.

princess jen said...

YAY! An update from the bug.
I miss you lots. Thanks for calling me and leaving me a message. I didn't have any reception after I got it or I would have called you back. I love you lots and lots!