The Big Test

So, the big test is, can Topher and I survive, on just my salary, and mine alone?
The answer is...probably not. So, lucky for us, Topher got the funding from the University for his lab internship!
It only pays up to 1500 hours for the whole summer...which yeah...its not much, but its better than nothing. So, total, it'll be that for 15 hours every week, he'll be getting paid. Not so good if he works 40 hour weeks, but ok if he works 20 hour weeks. :) We'll see how it all turns out.
Either way, we are so so excited that he got the funding. He was supposed to find out if he qualified for funding last Thursday, but they emailed and said that there were so many applicants it was going to take until Tuesday...This made Topher very discouraged, because it lessened his chances of qualifying and lowered the pay if he did qualify.
However...turns out it didn't lower the pay at all. So, although 8/hr isn't much, its pretty darn good for an internship that is supposed to originally be unpaid.
We're happy!
I have been coming down with a nasty sore throat, courtesy of my husband and I now have a pharmacy at my work desk. I have vitamin C, garlic, sore throat spray, cough drops and a big bottle of water. :) Its not fun, but hopefully it won't last long since Topher's was gone in about 2 days.
Also, I chopped my hair. I cut off about 4 inches...and I really like it. Topher doesn't seem to mind either. He informed me that its actually quite sexy, even though there's not much left for him to play with.
Other than those couple things, not much else is new around here. Mum and Sam are coming up this weekend and staying with us for a night or two, we're pretty excited. We're going to do dinner with them and topher's parents and Mum and Sam might even try to take a tour of the Factory with me.
I hope all is well with everyone! We love you lots!

I found this picture on my phone and just thought that it was really cute.
this was when Topher and I were in Colorado, him and Caden took a nap together and it was really really cute!

P.s. sorry the pictures kinda stink...they're off my cell phone...so the quality ain't so hot...I know
oh, and also...em...I have a bunch of pictures of Gavin on my cell phone...you had mentioned you wanted/needed some...and i have quite a few....i can send them to you and you should be able to put them on a disc i believe...but i could be wrong. :)


Mythreesons said...

Yay for Topher! I'm so happy for you guys that he got the funding. Go ahead and send the pics--they're probably not great quality, but I'll take anything I can get. Cute Hair!

Jason, Sara, Will & Adri said...

Ah...the joys of being poor newlyweds! Congratulations! And you look absolutely darling...but then again, you always do! Love ya!