Quick Random Tid-bits

So, I had to write these down before I forget them because they seriously cracked me up.

The other day Grace was playing in her kitchen and acting very theatrical.  She was making dinner for her husband and herself and making such classic faces, it was too cute.  But when Topher got home from work, she was telling him about her husband and how she was making him dinner and then she stopped and told us, (with a big smile on her face)  "I have some bad news.  Something really sad happened".  So I responded, "Then why are you smiling?"  "Mom! Mom. Seriously.  It's really sad. (still with a big smile on her face)  My husband...DIED."  "Grace, that's really sad, why are you smiling???"  "Well. Mom, I'm just excited to get a new one."
Um. SERIOUSLY?!!! Topher and I laughed so loud and hard, and then we both stopped and stared at eachother, like, "did she really just SAY that?!!"  Topher says that whoever she marries is going to need some fair warning.

The next day Grace and I were sitting on the patio and she was telling me that she thought I was pretty.  She climbed up on my lap, brushed my hair from my face and told me how pretty my hair was.  Then she said "'member when you went to the ball?? and you had really pretty hair? and pretty things in your hair??  Mom you were so pretty.  Did everyone tell you you were just so pretty?? Did all the boys want to dance with you?"  HA!!! Cracked me up.  I told her I only danced with Daddy and she was a bit disappointed. Lol.  But I thought that was so sweet.  She has been telling me frequently lately that she things I'm pretty, which is nice to hear when I feel like a whale. :)

Anyway, this little girl just cracks me up and I feel like she does pretty hysterical things on a routine basis, but I forget them because I don't write them down.  So, maybe I could try to be a little better about recording those moments that make me laugh so hard with her.

Also, random side note, that was also really funny...Topher seems to really like the name Max for our little guy, but doesn't really like any of the add-ons we know are commonly used.  Example:  Maxwell or Maximilien or Maximus.  So, last night we stayed up way too late trying to make up our own add-ons.  It was really, really, REALLY  entertaining.
Here are some of the highlights: heheh
iMax (this is my personal favotite...but it might be bcuz it was really late and I loved the thought of how he would introduce himself.  I laughed for a long time)

Anyway. We laughed so much over our list.
Then Topher thought about how in his family, his parents named his little sister AnnaLina, and how that is a combination of both of his Grandma's names.  So he said, maybe we could try to do something combining your and my Dad's names.  Ok, I said.  So, we have Carl and Curtis. So he can be Cartis.  Or Curl.  Hehhehhehheh.  Then Topher tried to incorporate Max and we got Curmax...but he thought we'd might as well include Kermit since Topher loves the Muppets...so maybe Kermax would be good.  Then he tried to incorporate his Dad's family name which is Muir..so to combine Carl, Curtis and Muir We settled on Curliur.
So, our little guy's name, had he been born last night, might have been Curliur Maxtopher Andersen.  Don't you think he'd be a lucky little guy???!

Ok. Maybe not.
The only add-ons that really worked that we kinda liked were Maxden (Maxton), Maxon, and maybe Maxler.

You have any thoughts?  Suggestions?  :) We might not name him Max anymore simply because we can't think of a way to lengthen it that we both really like.  So, suggestions are welcome. :)  Even if they're just to make us laugh.


Maren said...



My hubby and I debated for months when we named our boys!

Kaleena said...

Is there a reason it has to be longer? If you like Max - just name him Max.

Laurenkri said...

Haha, Maxton! Totally! Lol. Paul wanted to name James 'Kraken' so that when he woke up we could say "The Kraken has awakened!" Adding non-traditional endings to a name is a tough one. I kind of agree with Kaleena ... maybe he might like the add-ons, even though you don't. And you could always be like my mom and give the smack-down to anyone who tried to call him anything but what you named him ;) (re: L(ah)ren vs. L(or)en)

Mythreesons said...

Um, I love Imax. Everywhere he went, he'd just say, "I Max." And everyone would wonder why he never learned any grammar. I LOVE it!

And Grace is hilarious.

princess jen said...

Are you set on lengthening it? I have always loved the name Max. It's great just the way it is :) I love Grace's "I'm so excited for a new one!" I get that ;) I meant to add that 3 sucked for Anya too. Being 4, though, was AWESOME. Love ya Bug.

Sarah said...

How about Maxi (even though it's kinda girly), cuz then everyone could call him Maxi Pad :) I would veto Maxdom, because it sounds a bit too much like Maxim, and if you ask me, you should steer clear of that correlation.

Grace is seriously hilarious! Thanks for sharing. I should definitely write down some more of the funny things Anabelle says, because now of course I can't remember. You're so great Alysia!

Super Daysh said...

I like just Maxopher. Get rid of the 't'. Poor little guy. For his sake, I'm so glad he wasn't born yesterday... I love the Grace stories. Seriously, if anyone ever needed to have a munchkin bits blog- it's TOTALLY you! Start one. You'll be glad you did. :)

Rachel's Mommy said...

Go with Max--if you lengthened it everyone would just shorten it anyway, and you really can't beat such a great name as Max!

VERY amusing post on Gracey!

Katie said...

How about the Maxtenator, or Maxerrific, or Maxtastic, or Maxipoo, or Max-on Max-off, or Mr. Max the Magnificent or... or...

I don't see why you didn't just ask me in the first place?? lol, that kid is going to have a lot of great nick names : )

PS you are awesome, just fyi!

rodent said...

I love that Grace smiled as she was telling you her husband died and she could now get a new one - she is too silly.

I am with emily - iMax is clearly the way to go, but only if you spell it with the lowercase i like on your blog he'd be the most popular kid in school (everyone loves anything associated with apple right...)

For real though boy names are hard! Kev and I have talked about baby names and we never like the same boy names, ever.