My Hubby

The hubby's birthday was on February 3rd and he turned a big ol' 28. He's getting so old. ;) Anyway, I get to write a blog now about how much I LOVE him!!! And yes, siblings, that is EXACTLY what this blog is: A sappy love fest! So if you don't want to "gag" and are going to make fun, then don't read it! MY journal. MY blog. I get to write what I want about my husband, albeit sappy, gooey, mushy and emotional.

First, I will give a little reminder for myself what we did on his special day. I was a big lame-o to begin with and didn't make him a cake or a special dinner or anything. I know. I suck. :( But I did take him out for dinner and dessert at a yummy steakhouse. So that's not too pathetic. Next year I will have a lot to make up for, its true, but being the amazing hubby he is he never once complained about the lack of a homemade meal or dessert. He was just the happiest boy to get presents and a yummy steak dinner. For his Birthday he got the Harry Potter series and an MCAT study guide, (I know! what a nerd! ;) ) and some notebooks to write down notes from his Medical School studyings. It was a more simple Birthday than we usually do, but he was so grateful and appreciative and acted like it was the best Birthday in the whole world. He's too good to me. I know.
The reasons I love my husband are many. So many in fact, that I could probably come back on here and update this blog every day for a month because I will have thought of something else I love about him that I'll forget to mention in my first attempt. But I'm going to do my best to put down my admiration for him this first go around.
Topher is kind and giving. He will do just about anything for anyone and go to the largest extent he can to do the most for them. This is even more so true with his wife and little girl. I don't think there is a thing in the world I couldn't ask him for.
Topher is Dedicated. He is dedicated in everything he does. Whether it is his family, his church calling, his work or his schooling. He puts his full self into everything he does. He will not settle for anything less than his best effort and in the moments when he feels he hasn't met his expectations he is ridiculously hard on himself. He wants to be the best he can, and he has the courage to get up every day and try again.
He is Playful. He likes to have fun. I love that he is almost like a little boy stuck in a 28 yr. old body. He loves to play with legos, sand, cars. He will play hide and seek with Gracey continuously. He loves to fly his kites, whether its a small one for Grace to enjoy or one of his huge ones that will drag him along the beach and hold him up on a kiteboard. He loves the beach and to build tunnels and sand castles with and for Grace. He loves to go out with his brother and Dad and go shooting and wishes he had more opportunities to do things like that with them. He loves being in Cub Scouts and doing fun things with his boys every week.
He is athletic and loves the outdoors. He loves to Kiteboard, boogie board, skimboard, kayak, bike, hike, camp, play soccer, badminton, basketball or anything else anyone could be up for doing. He bikes to and from work every day and has never once complained. In fact, he doesn't want to drive. When I offer him the car, he'd rather bike.
He loves to be outside, and what I love about this is that he has made it a priority to instill this love of being active and being outside in Gracey as well. He takes her outside to go biking or on a walk to the park, and takes me for walks or bike rides as well. He takes us camping and to the beach regularly. He appreciates this beautiful world we've been blessed with and helps our family enjoy it at every opportunity possible.
He is smart. I love being married to someone that is so knowledgeable and that has such a thirst for more knowledge. Topher is continually trying to enlarge his "horizons" and learn everything he can. He is always reading some historical documentary, or Doctoral study and I love watching how easily all this information is absorbed. He also has such a solid foundation of knowledge about the Church and the scriptures. This is sadly something that I'm lacking in the extremes, and I love that I can ask him question after question about things I don't understand or know and he will almost always have an answer. In the rare occasion he doesn't have an answer though, he knows what book to look in to find one for me.
I love that he enjoys learning and wants to further his education as much as he can. He wants to get a Master's still and possibly go to medical school, and I love that he doesn't think that now that he has a job, school is no longer necessary. He also encourages Grace and I to learn as much as we can and gives us all the opportunities he can for furthered learning.
He is silly. He may be shy, sweet, gentle and smart, but he will be silly with me too. I have to admit I have definitely brought out the "freak" in him since we started dating and got married. I think his family was pretty surprised by some of the things he would do and say around me that he hadn't done before, but I love so so much that he can set aside his serious, contemplative demeanor and just be goofy with me.
He is gentle. He is never abrasive, harsh, loud or impatient. He is a gentle friend, neighbor, Dad and Husband. But my favorite time to see how gentle he is is with other kids. We have a church calling to serve in our Ward Nursery and he is easily better with the kids than I am. He has such a sweet way with them and talks to them each so kindly that they all love to be around him. He makes even the most difficult kids in our nursery feel comfortable there and knows how to reach out to each of them. He is also a sweet Uncle and Big brother and is just very loving and thoughtful of his family.
I think what I love about him the very most though is how much of a family man he is. He is an amazing Father and Husband. He is so loyal, affectionate and gentle with us and I couldn't be more grateful, not to mention undeserving. Grace and I are so loud and at times abrasive and emotional and Topher manages to love us each exactly how we need to be loved. He has a calming influence on both of us and is so good at showing us he cares about us. I love watching him do art with Grace or read her a story. I love that he takes time to have Daddy Daughter dates with her where they cuddle upstairs on the couch, watching movies together and eating popcorn. He adores his little girl and is constantly worrying about her happiness and well being.
As a husband...well. I don't really think there are words to describe how wonderful he is. In fact, I can barely think about him as my husband without being brought to tears. He is the most perfect husband I know or have ever personally known. I know anyone that reads that will think to themselves, "well, you're biased." But, he really is perfect for me. I know lots of people's husbands, and hear about and see the "inner-workings" of their marriages, and I have never once thought to myself, "I wish Topher did that". On the contrary, I frequently feel bad for other women that their husbands don't do for them what Topher does for me. I don't say that to brag or be mean or cocky. But because I don't ever want to forget how blessed I am in my eternal companion. He truly does treat me like a princess. And ANYONE that has seen him with me, especially when I'm sick, can attest to that. He will wait on me hand and foot and pamper me from head to toe. He will compliment me up and down and offer me support, encouragement and love in and out of every day. He has never once been disappointed in me, even when he had every right to be, and instead tells me how much he admires me and how wonderful he thinks I am, even on my worst days.
I am so grateful for him and I don't know if I will every be worthy of him as my spouse. But, I know I will spend the rest of my life trying to keep up with him and trying to be worthy of his love. I really do thank my Heavenly Father for him in every prayer I utter, because he truly is my greatest blessing.
I love you Christopher Curtis Andersen. Thank you for marrying me. I don't know why you did! But I'm so grateful that you did. :) Thank you for being an amazing person, Father, best friend and Husband. I love you so much!
I hope this year is even better than the last.
I can't wait to see you with another baby of ours in your arms, and see all the new adventures we will have with a mini-Topher in our midst. :)


Super Daysh said...

You said this was a sappy, love post and that we didn't have to read it if we didn't want to gag. So I didn't. :) Topher, you are cool. Love Dacia tee hee hee. I did enjoy the pictures though. :)

princess jen said...

I read the WHOLE thing :) I like reading about how much you love Topher. You two together make me so happy. You are so perfectly suited to one another and your love and passion shows.

I also liked reading EVERY SINGLE WORD of your other posts. Now you know you loves you best.

Thoughtful Runner said...

Do I have to admit I read it? And Topher even took us to the airport at 5:30 in the morning to come back to Salt Lake! Glad there was a good birthday and steak dinner - and just remember - even at 28, from now on, he give me a significant handicap when we run together!
And you know what - it is good that there is lots of goo and stickiness in marriage relationships. Go Buggy and Topher!

Gina and the Gang said...

Happy BDay T!!! I am still so amazed that we have never met, yet I am STUCK on Gracie's story and how amazing she is! Casey is now 7, and very soon I will want to share survivor stories with him to prepare him for the "ultimate" surgery. I am still so glad to "know" you!!!