Bugs are Ridiculous

I have to write this down before I forget because it was seriously one of the funniest conversations I have EVER had with Grace. And that, if you know Grace, is truly saying something.
Gracey and I were eating breakfast this morning on our screened patio. Grace was looking at my legs and found a bug bite. She asked me, "Mommy, is that a bug bite?"
"Yes", I said.
"Ugh! Mommy! Those bugs bite me all over. When I was at the park they was like biting me all over! And, and, and they didn't even say sorry! And, Daddy says its because they don't have mouths. But, they do. They have mouths. Mommy...they just, those bugs are just, uhhh, they are just RIDICULOUS! Uhh! Mommy, they just, seriously, I don't like bugs! I HATE bugs!"
I should mention that that ENTIRE paragraph was spoken with me only occasionally nodding and "mmm" ing and looking at her sympathetically.
At this point I just told her I was sorry. But, she was not done.
"Well, why there all those bugs anyway? (She has her hand out by the way, with the palm up, and one hand on her hip too) There were no bugs in South CaroLINA. Why there bugs here? What they DOING here? Bugs are just creepy...Seriously. (she tilts her head down and raises her eyebrows and looks at me very seriously) I hate bugs."
Now maybe none of that sounds as funny as it really was. But if you had heard the tone of her voice, seen her facial expressions as she raises and lowers her eyebrows, or when she juts her hip out with a hand on it and has the other hand out in the air with her palm up, like she just can't believe what a crazy world she lives in. She was so ridiculously cute and I was repressing laughter so that she would just keep talking because it was so so funny and was just making my day.
Anyway. That's all for now. :)


Super Daysh said...

She is such a silly little girl. I love that "seriously" is part of her vocabulary. I miss my gracey-lou!!

Alan J. said...

That's really funny! She is such a cutie! Miss you guys!

Mythreesons said...

I had to laugh because your blog title immeditely made me think you were talking about yourself.
Hee hee.
Love that Gracey. YOu need to record that conversation next time. SHe cracks me up.

Lady of the Rings said...

I can just see her standing there... she is such a hoot. I miss her so badly... and you guys too. Sheesh, having breakfast on the screened porch, how would it be, we had another snowstorm last night and are hoping the teps will rise above freezing. I wonder how long it will take us to figure it out, before we pack up and MOVE to where it is WARM!!!!

princess jen said...

What a funny conversation! I love it :) I wish I could remember to write down conversations but they seem to immediately fall out of my brain. I'm jealous of your porch too. But not of your bugs. Kiss Gracey for me!

Bug said...
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C Johnson said...

I think I could imagine Gracey as a school Marm - and it is great being able to see her again this week. As for her experience with bugs - there are certain things I haven't forgotten about the south. If you haven't encousntered cockroaches yet, it is only an amount of time. Oh - and chiggers, ticks and biting gnats or flies! And did I mention heat aand humidity? Even with that, weather was nice nine months a year - and seriously - who's worried about a few bugs, anyway?

April 15, 2011 7:39 PM

rodent said...

Grace is SO funny! That is just too cute. I do agree with her though - bugs are ridiculous - not you of course - but all other bugs!

Michael said...
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Sarah said...

What a funny, animated girl!
(That last comment was from me, accidentally signed in under my hubby)
Cute blog!