Biopsy Day 2010

Hello all. It is that time of year again. No, not for the beautiful fall weather, but for Gracey's annual heart biopsy. We woke up at five, got to Primary's at six, and grace just went back with the team at 7:30.
She did not go back happily either. In fact, she was crying, bawling, and begging me to not leave. It broke my heart, but i waited to start crying until she couldn't see me anymore.
I think that is some thing that is so unfair and hard. Acting strong for her so she is less frightened, when really I am shaking in my boots and want to cry for my mommy as well.
I sure hope it helps her a little to see a smile on my face instead of tears.
Anyway. The whole biopsy will probably take about 3hrs. There is the potential of her aorta condition having worsened, in which case they would need to place a balloon or stent, and then the procedure would take longer.
Afterwards, she'll go into recovery, hopefully wake up happy and then we'll also need to do an Echo and a visit with Dr. Norlin.
So. Prayers would be very much welcomed today.
Thanks so much for your concern for us, and for little Graces well being.
We love you all,
Alysia & Topher
And of course Gracey


Ryan and Hilary said...

Daxton had his biopsy yesterday. It really is such an emotional day. We will keep you in our prayers. Everything will go great.

Ryan and Hilary said...
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Super Daysh said...

Hugs and Kisses to Gracey lou!!

Joe said...

She's a champ! Our prayers and best wishes to you all.

The Simmons Family said...

We'll keep you all in our prayers! Owen had a cath yesterday and it was SO hard to send him off crying and saying "no momma!"

It keeps getting harder.. if that's possible.

princess jen said...

Lots of love and kisses coming from auntie jen :) I hope everything went well!

Thoughtful Runner said...

We've come to expect very infrequent posts from you, Buggy...so sorry we didn't see this one until after the fact. Luckily, you are ALWAYS in our prayers and we were very grateful to hear all went well.