Happy Anniversary To Us!

Today is my and Topher's Three Year Anniversary! Yay for us! We celebrated last weekend since Topher has school this week...that and I'm going to Vegas tomorrow. (yay!)
We were lucky enough to have my Dad's wife Karen watch Grace for an overnight, (Thank you so much!!!) and so we went to the Anniversary Inn - a definite favorite of ours. We have probably been about 6 times and we love it. Especially the Logan one. And this may sound silly, but one of the prime reasons I love going to Anniversary Inn so much, is not their awesome jetted tubs, or huge showers, or fun themed rooms....no no, its much better than all that. It's the food. Seriously. Moan. They have the best breakfasts in this whole world! They have these home-made ham and cheese filled croissants, and home-made raspberry cream filled croissants. Then this awesome yogurt with fresh fruit and granola. And your choice of 2 drinks per person. It doesn't get better than that. Well, it does. It's delivered to your room, whenever you want. Awesome!! Then there's the fact that there's an iced bottle of sparkling cider and 2 cheesecakes waiting for you in your room when you check in. Seriously? So sweet.
Yes, that is what I was looking forward to on our overnight more than anything else. :)
We also went out to dinner at the Olive Garden, and the next day, we drove home, hung out, cleaned our house (minus a gracey!!! so nice...) and went to dinner at the Melting Pot. We have always wanted to try this restaurant. Because we like Fondue, because it looked/sounded fancy, and just out of curiosity. Well, it was definitely good, but I don't know about $100 good!!! That was our first ever $100 meal!!! We have never even been close to that before!! It was crazy!! I mean, it was good...but not THAT good. Oh well. Our curiosity has now been satisfied. :)
All in all, it was an awesome way for us to celebrate our fabulous, fun and stress filled 3 years and I love my hubby so much.
He really is so perfect for me, and that is obvious for everyone to see. Anyone who knows us as a couple and knows us individually, knows that we compliment each other just right. We are "equally yolked" as someone said in church yesterday. We fulfill each other's needs, challenge each other to be better and support each other in every goal, no matter how lofty.
I love my Topher so much and am so grateful he saw past all my flaws and decided to marry me. We have our hard times, but I know no one could make me happier and make me feel more loved.
Happy Anniversary Topher!! Thanks for the past 3 years! I'm excited for all the ones to follow. Thank you for our beautiful little girl! She is so fun!
Love you Sweetie!


Sierra & Ryan said...

Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you guys had a blast! Ryan and I have always wanted to go stay at the Aniversary Inn, but we wondered if it was worth the money. After your description, we are definately going for our next anniversary! If there is good food, I'm there. :)

P.S. I have never seen any of your wedding pics and those are beautiful! I love your dress :)

Rachel's Mommy said...

And they said it wouldn't last!! Who ARE they, anyway?? Congrats on 3 years and 1 beYOUtiful Gracey Lou. Here's to many, many, many, many, (etc.) more!!

Emily@Little Forever Family said...

Happy Anniversary! Your weeding pictures are BEAUITFUL!!! Love them!

Liz said...

happy anniversary lady! three years later and still rockin' the married life. love it, love you.
just a tip for melting pot... just go for dessert. it's cheaper and honestly, it's what you really go there for anyway...
congratulations again! now let's play.

Lady of the Rings said...

3 years seems a long time when you pack that much action and adventure into them. So glad you are as happy as ever. You guys sure are as cute as ever, esspecially with the darling little Graci doll.

princess jen said...

Yes you are indeed equally yoked (as opposed to yolked ;) ) I love you SO MUCH and you and Topher are perfectly perfect for one another. You are so cute together and are able to uplift and support one another very well. I'm glad you had a great anniversary. I have to admit that the food at Anniversary Inn is indeed incredible and more than a good enough reason to continue going there.

kristen said...

Congrats to you guys! You are such a wonderful, cute couple and now a beautiful sweet little family. Wishing you many happy years together in the future!