California Dreamin'

California was definitely a theme for us this Summer. We visited the great Golden State a total of FOUR times this Summer. Which, maybe for some of you isn't much, but in my opinion, that's a LOT! Sea World was the first, and I have already posted about that, the Reunion was the second, and I have also posted about that. The 3rd was our Celebrate Little Brother Austin trip. Where we went to California for the sole purpose of lounging on the beach. In all honesty however, Austin got burned our first whole day there, and didn't want to go back after that. Haha! Instead, we relaxed in the Hotel, re-applying aloe vera every couple of hours. Ha! Good times. We did in all actuality spend most of the time at the beach, it just wasn't quite what I imagine Austin had expected.

We drove down to Las Vegas on a Thursday after Austin got off work. We were worried about the long drive, but Austin managed to keep Grace entertained with his....um....im not sure what to call it. Yes, that's saran wrap. But don't ask me where he got it. I didn't give it to him...
But it entertained Grace. She managed to entertain him quite a bit too. Then they wore each other out and ended up like this.
We arrived quite late at my sister's lovely abode and crashed there for the night. The next morning we left relatively early to finish the drive towards Seal Beach/Long Beach. We just had to make one short pit stop along the way.

Yup. A Surf Board. Neither of them had ever surfed. But, it was only 50$! So they decided it was worth it to try and teach themselves.
Austin and Topher had arranged to take some kiteboarding lessons while down there, so once at the beach, Austin got right into his lesson. When he wasn't worried about how his muscles were showing up on camera, he did a really good job. hehe
Topher had already taken the first lesson (see Hood River post) and so he busied himself with skim-boarding, and perfecting the art of face planting in the waves. I'd say he got it pretty down pat. The video gets funnier each time you watch it by the way...
So, that was our first evening in Seal Beach. The next morning we went to a local Beach where Topher and Austin tried out their new Surf Board, and where Austin learned just how much you get fried from falling asleep on the Beach and refusing Alysia's offers of sunscreen. Lobster. That is the word I'm using to describe Austin's back, arms, neck, legs after his little nap.
Grace also took a nap on the Beach and that gave me lots of uninterrupted reading time. yay!
I would LOVE to finish this post...however i can't find my camera cable anywhere to get the pictures onto the computer...so...that is the first 2 days of our trip, and as soon as I find a way to get the pictures on the computer, you will get the last 2 days. As well as our last few trips of the Summer.
On another note, Grace had her biopsy last Friday. She had her Heart Birthday on August 21. And she is doing better than anyone ever could have hoped for. The Biopsy went well, really well. The results came back great, no rejection and we are thrilled.
I have tons of things to post about, but no pictures to include, so hopefully soon that will change.
Thanks for checking in!


Mythreesons said...

The video really DOES get funnier the more you watch it! Love that pic of Austin and Grace sacked out. Too perfect. Can't wait to see pics from the rest of your trip! Dacia's pics of Gracey from your Idaho weekend were so darn cute.

Sierra & Ryan said...

Sounds like the perfect summer---4 trips to cali! I only went once and it was the highlight of my summer. Grace is so cute! I too love the picture of her and daddy sacked in the backseat. Perfect moment :)

Super Daysh said...

I loved your laugh in the video...we watched it over and over again. I can't decide which is more fun to make fun of...you or Topher's face plant....thinking, thinking...I can't decide. Sounds like a fun trip though! You guys have taken so many vacations this summer...so jealous!

Rachel's Mommy said...

Great post--esp. the pix! And I too loved the video and your laugh in it. Austin looks a lot like Topher--in fact, behind saran wrap I thought he WAS Topher. Looking forward to more posts from your adventures. And we always love good news about Gracey--woo hoo!

Thoughtful Runner said...

The face plant is a classic! Topher, however, I'm sure felt differently. So....I'm still wondering where the next days' increments are???
It was great to get the news of the biopsy for Grace - we are thrilled.
Let's hear it for California - nice place to hang out and I could think of a dozen more trips there that would get us to see things or do things we still have on our lists.

Liz said...

ADORABLE pictures. you are such a cute mom! miss you!

Lauren K said...

I want to see you too love! Call me soon :)