Ellie Burr!!

I just have to take a minute and welcome my new niece to the world!!! 

My beautiful sister Dacia had her baby girl this past Tuesday, (at 1 in the moring!!) and it is so so wonderfully exciting!
They named her Ellie Naomi Brewer, but I like to call her Ellie Burr.  hehe
She is itty-bitty, at least to me, weighing only 6 lbs. 15 oz. and she has a head full of beautiful little tufts of soft dark blonde hair.
I have gotten the privilege of seeing her every day since she was born and also of holding her quite a few times.  I love baby snuggles!!  I have to say, she makes the cutest little noises.... contented little sighs, little whimpers & squeaks.  It is the most adorable thing.  Even her crying is cute.   
Anyway, this is her and her adorableness. :)
Just had to shout "hurray!" for my new niece!  So so cute & sweet.
Oh, and btw, just because it's funny, Grace adores her, even though she's not allowed to touch her right now...who knows if she still has a runny/stuffy nose etc...
But Grace sees her and points, then furiously signs "please", while grunting in Ellie's direction...
I see a pair of 'best friends' in the making.  Or at least, I can only hope so. :)
What better than to have your baby be best friend's with your best friend's baby, right???


princess jen said...

Gracey just wants to knock her over please! ;)
I'm glad you've been able to see little Ellie so much. I think I am having withdrawals. I only saw her once and I'm already addicted!

Anonymous said...

Oh she is so cute! That is so cute about Grace loving her. It's so fun watching my niece and nephews love on each other.. :)

aj said...

CUTE!!! Congrats to her lucky parents :)

Gracey is going to be all over that baby - hope Ellie is ready for some lovin'!

Thoughtful Runner said...

Dark blonde?? Okay....she is, indeed, a cute little one - with little being the operative word! How quickly we forget how tiny they are!

Mimi said...

So sweet!!! and I love the name Ellie! :-)

I would absolutely love some tube weaning tips. I feel like Mia is so close, but just won't take enough to be comepletley tube free. She is taking some solids now, but I think her biggest issue is that she just flat out does not feel that hungry...ever!

There is not an ounce of help online, and we have therapy, but I am very very ready to be done.

You can email me at mimijen@hotmail.com

Thanks so much!!