Blog update #1

Well, for starters, Merry Christmas! & Happy New Years! Sorry I’m late. But, it’s been a fun, crazy, busy and stressful Christmas break, and my computer has given me such a headache that it has prevented me from posting my well wishes in a timelier manner! Apologies! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and that the new year has been good thus far.
Some big news….rather old news…but, like I said, I’m a little late…so it’s big news to those of you not up to date on our happenings…yes, yes, my fault, I know
Grace is NG Tube free!! Yay!! She actually has been tube free for about 2 months now….(shows you how long its been since I last posted….ooops). She pulled her tube out one day at clinic, and she was eating and gaining weight so well that Dr. Everitt said we could give her a shot at eating purely on her own. Go figure, the day after we took the tube out her appetite seemed to have dropped off a cliff or something, but oh well! She has done amazingly well so far. Maybe not for a normal baby, but considering her circumstances and where her eating habits used to be, she has done phenomenally well. She actually enjoys eating, and eats at the perfect frequency for a baby her age….However, she is not eating the perfect volume for her age...more on that later.
I don’t want to overwhelm anyone with 5 updates at once, so, I’m just going to end this post for now, letting you all know that we are alive and well, Grace is doing great, she loves having no feeding tube and eating all on her own, and I will have a new update tomorrow!
Thank you all for your continuous prayers and well wishes, even with my lack up updates!
Love you all!
The Andersens


princess jen said...

Yay for Gracey-lou! And I LOVE your new background! So cute. Can't wait to see you tomorrow for my hair appt. I'm dragging my mom along too.

Mythreesons said...

umm.... pictures, punk? Some of us dont' get to see Gracey very much, remember? Cute new background, though! ANd I guess an update without pictures is better than no update at all.

The Smith Family said...

It was so good to be with you guys at church this past week. Grace looks fantastic and is a beautiful baby girl! I'm glad that she doesn't have to have a feeding tube anymore, I'm sure that make life a litte easier for you and for her of course.
Glad to see all is well!
We should get together again! For real.

aj said...

And she is even more beautiful without her tube - you forgot to say THAT part :)

We had so much fun seeing her at Christmas! She made us all laugh, shoving those Oreos in her mouth!

Love you guys!

Thoughtful Runner said...

Gee....and I thought I was bad getting posts out in a regular fashion! Initially, I was really excited about the NG tube information, but then remembered I knew that for quite some time and had recently been worried about this second tube the doctors seemed to want to use....I'm assuming you'll update us on that situation with the next post....
We love you all!

The G Fam said...

Whoo-hoo for no NG tube! That is wonderful and it is so great to hear things are going well!
Heart hugs,

Anonymous said...

I LOVED your wonderful Christmas stories. I laughed and cried.You did a great job on the aprons. Hey, I need a new apron. Maybe I would cook!

We love you

G and G Atkinson

Anonymous said...

eh.. good text )