How Time Flies...

It is so crazy to me that just 7 months ago we had this... 2 Months ago this...

And now, THIS!
7 Months has flown by so quickly, and the last 2 even more so.
On the 18th Gracey turned 7 months old!! And then, just a few days later on the 21st, we were thrilled to say that Gracey has had her new heart for 2 months.
We still are and forever will be, so grateful for this immense gift that has blessed our lives. Grace truly is a new little person and is so full of life, spunk and fun. She is a sweet spirit and we would be without her if it were not for the selfless act of a sweet family far away.
She is growing so fast, and progressing so much.
She still is not eating on our own, but that is about as bad as our battles have gotten. And I suppose if that's the only battle we are left to fight, then I can deal with that.
Starting next week, we will only have to go to the Hospital once a week instead of twice! yay!!!
This is a big step for us and we are so excited Grace is progressing as well as she is.

We are grateful to everyone for your prayers and support. Please keep the prayers coming, not only for our little Gracey, but for us as her parents as well. It actually takes a lot more energy that we ever could have imagined to take care of her, and it definitely takes it's toll, especially on Topher with his full time school, engineering department and Huntsman lab committments. He sure is drained after a full day of everything. And yet he always comes home with a smile on his face, ready to play with and take care of Grace. He is a wonderful Daddy and Husband, and I"m so grateful for him..but please keep him in your prayers that he'll have the energy to make it through school!!!
We love you all so much and are again, so grateful for all you do.
Thanks again!
Love the Andersen's
oh...and btw...for those of you that have made your blogs 'private'...but that follow our blog...I'd REALLY like to be able to continue following yours...a.k.a. Baby Joshua and family....and Halle-lou-ya...so, please add my email to your "o.k." list. :)andersen.alysia@gmail.com


princess jen said...

Those are great pictures! She is so happy now!!! I can't wait until your arrest is over and we can see you more often. Anya misses Grace so much and I know that Aaron does too.

Amber said...

I am so glad you posted! I've thought of you so often and wondered how everyone is doing. She looks fantastic! I'm so happy for all of you. I will completely hold your family in prayer...you are both amazing parents and care givers to this special life. Praying for strength and endurance.

Bev said...

She looks great. My friend who's son had a liver transplant said he forgot how to eat after wards too. the got him to eat my feeding him Coke. Ok shes kinda young for soda. But she's adorable even if she doesn't eat!

Susan said...

Gracey is BEAUTIFUL! She is growing so fast and looks so healthy. I am so happy for you and especially for her. She is continually in my prayers.


The Smith Family said...

She has gotten so BIG!!! Good for her. She looks GREAT! so healthy and happy! Isn't so crazy how time flies? I can't get over it sometimes. I swear having kids makes it that much faster.
Well it certainly good to see that Grace is blossoming BEAUTIFULLY and you guys look great! If you need anything just gives us a HOLLA.

Super Daysh said...

I can't believe she is 7 months old! That is crazy. And she's getting so big and cute too! Thanks for the update Bug! We sure do love that little Gracey lou!

Lauren K said...

Look at those blue eyes!!!!

Mythreesons said...

I can't believe it's been 2 months already since her transplant! Wow, how time flies when you're having fun... or just being busy. Those pictures are beautiful! Is her hair really that dark? And I love the picture of you with your "gracey" bow... and if it makes you feel any better, I'm starting to see a little of her mommy in those pics! I can't wait to see her again... whenever that will be.

Simmons Family: said...

She just gets cuter and cuter everytime you post!! We have started to talk with Dr.'s about Owen possibly needing a transplant and thankfully I'm not petrified. I think it's through Grace's transplant story and a few other's that I find hope and strength.

WOW! What a little miracle!!


Our Family said...

I'm so glad to see new pictures, and to hear that everything is going SO WELL. She is adorable! I know that being a parent of a heart baby is so demanding and exhausting, but little by little, it will get easier, I promise.

Alvin & Jessica Pease said...

okay so you dont know me but a few weeks ago i had my 19 week check up & we found out our baby has a heart defect. He has an Interrupted Aortic Arch, a hole called Ventricular Septal Defect & Double outlet right ventricle. A family member recommend we read your blog & im so happy i did. its nice to read your blog & your heart friends blogs. Your little Gracey is so adorable!! Thank you for sharing her story with us! also if you want to check out our blog its private but i will add you so feel free to check it out and give me any advice! i need all the help i can get....-Jessie

Allie said...

Wow she is getting so big. And so cute. I am so impressed with you two and how you do it all. Let me know if you need anything I can always go to taco bell and drop of food. Love ya Allie

Sara and Company said...

Those smiles just send happy thoughts all through my body! But of course she would have a fantastic smile....just look at her cute mommy and daddy! I can't even imagine how much work your lives are right now....always thinking of you. Ok....can't get the perma-grin off! Too cute!

aj said...

Good heavens, I miss one day of checking your blog and you post the cutest pictures of Grace imaginable!!

Honestly, what kind of formula are you feeding her to make her double in cuteness every week?! Those pics made me totally giddy :)

I'm SOOOOO happy Grace is doing so extrememly well. The no eating thing must really be frustrating, but yes, I'm sure you'll take that over any other problem she could be having right now.

Grace is a miracle I think of on a daily basis, and she has increased my faith so very much.

Toph and Buggy - you have inspired me as well, in so many ways. You rock :)

I Love you all!

Christi Ann said...

Amazing. You are truely amazing, Leasha bug. I miss you dearly. I will be writing you a letter soon, i promise. I've been thinking of you guys a lot lately. I am so glad to see that things are going well for you!! I love you all and I hope to talk to you soon!!

love always,
christi ann

Anonymous said...


Here is a website you might enjoy.
You may already know about it. It is inspirational like yours is.



Grandma A

P. S. Her smile makes me smile right back at her. I also want to squeeze her chubby, little cheeks.

The Mason Family said...

So glad to hear that Gracey is doing so well...and like you said if eating is the biggest issue you have right now, then you are doing pretty good; it will get easier (Carlie was 12 months before she took to baby food)! Your family has been blessed with a wonderful gift and I'm so happy that Gracey continues to thrive...best wishes!

Shannon Mason

p.s. I noticed that you have Carlie's CarePage on your blog and if you'd like to add our blog instead, so that there is no need to sign-in, that would be okay with me...take care!

It's like meeting me for real! said...

This is my official apology to Grace that I sucked her mom into reading a blog about drama.
I'm sorry Grace! One day you will understand I'm sure ;)

Love you Ally!

Lady of the Rings said...

Those are some darling pictures of Grace and some very cute pictures or her darling parents. What a bunch of coodies... eh cuties I mean. I can hardly wait to see you all. What a miracle we have been privileged to witness. I am so grateful for amazing doctors at Primary Childrens, an amazingly selfless family in their loss, to donate a heart and some totally amazing little parents who toughed it through those 7 months and came out smiling. How blessed we are to have you all. Love you from here to the moon and back. Hugs, Mum

Bill King said...

It's election day and I like to look at your blog about once a week. This morning when I was logging in I cliked on the site and turned away to do some other work.

When I turned back I saw an absolutely beautiful screen, yours! It made me smile and lit up the whole day!

Gracie looks really cute in her costume. Nice job!!! Keep up the good (and hard) work.

Bill KIng

Nate and Kacie Bennett said...

Elisha, maybe you don't remember me, but I have been following your blog since you were pregnant, and I just want to tell you that I think you guys are so amazing, and she is such an adorable little girl. You are a very strong woman I hope you know.